Karam Mangta Hoon, Ata Maangta Hoon - Amjad Ghulam Fareed Sabri..

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This is mine most favorite naat by amjad ghulam sabri ‘karam mangta hoon atta maangta hoon’ he read this naat by the heart

hania - karachi 06 Dec, 2016

He was great man and he read the beautiful naat in his sweet voice many peoples are big fan of him because he read the naat by heart

TALHAT - multan 06 Dec, 2016

This is mine most favorite naat ‘karam mangta hoon ata maangta hoon’ usually I read this naat by this side because there mine many mine favorite naats are available

Akram - Karachi 05 Dec, 2016

Amjad Ghulam Sabri have a beautiful and clear voice which is only some lucky naat Khuwan got form Allah and I am thinking that he is really lucky

Sabi - Karachi 05 Dec, 2016

Many Muslims attracted to the Amjad Ghulaam Sabri because of his beautiful naats which has the most religious words what e want to listen on every naat

Aqdas - Karachi 01 Dec, 2016

I listed the many naats of amjad ghulam fareed sabri he read the many beautiful naats when he was alive and peoples are really like his personality

habib - pindi 01 Dec, 2016

amjad sabri is the most famous person in Pakistan from naat as an actor as an anchor ad his voice is truly attractive

sadia - jehlam 29 Nov, 2016

After listen Amjad Ghulaam Sabri this naat I started following him because his this naat were touched my heart deeply

Majid - Karachi 28 Nov, 2016

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manan - germany 27 Nov, 2016

Amjad Ghulaam Sabri is the most famous Khuwaan in this naat world if you listen his naat was so amazing what he sung before his death

Shakeeel - Karachi 27 Nov, 2016

This is the old collection of Amjad Ghulaam Sabri naats but it’s still amazing and better than the new naat khuwaan in this season

Zaheem - Karachi 27 Nov, 2016

Masha Allah, such an old Naat but still feels the latest one. Lovely voice of amjad fareed sabri. may his soul rest in peace.

tabrayz - lahore 23 Nov, 2016

This is the very good page of read naats usually I really want to read naats but I never found to the naats on internet but now I saw this page so i will read naat from this page

Anas - pindi 23 Nov, 2016

Amjad Ghulaam Sabri was the great Naat Khuwaan and Qawwal In Pakistan country I salute him that he was a legend for us

Ibrar - Karachi 22 Nov, 2016

A good voice and a really good way to define some words which I like most in this Naat and that was the reason why I buffer it two times

smeeera - thatta 20 Nov, 2016

I love to listen this naat I save it as my favorite book marks on this page because many time I like to play it and with this I don’t want to search it again.

bilal - pindi 19 Nov, 2016

The Amjad ghulam sabri had a beautiful voice his every naat is really heart touching and his this naat of ‘karam manga hoon ata mangta hoon’ is very beautiful

humeera - lahore 19 Nov, 2016

The voice of Amjad ghulam freed sabri naats is Genuine so don’t you think that this is the magic of mikes and the stereo is available behind the mikes

fazeela - shadiwaal 16 Nov, 2016

After a longtime I finally listened Amjad Ghulam Sabri naat at this page he deserves a big respect because he sins many beautiful naats before his death

ashraf - Karachi 15 Nov, 2016

Amjad Ghulam Fareed Sabri sings many naats and still people loves his naat because of his good voice and good nature with the poor people

karachi - lahore 15 Nov, 2016

Amjad Ghulaam Sabri is my favorite Naat Khuwan I have listened his naats albums and also attended the Milaad by Amjad Ghulaam Sabri before his death

Ebaad - Karachi 13 Nov, 2016

The Amajad ghulam fareed sabri has the very beautiful voice and this is the very famous naat of him is ‘karam mangta hoon ata maangta hoon’ his this naat is very beautiful

urooj - pindi 10 Nov, 2016

Still my favorite naat in all naats I want to say thanks to this page owner Hamari Web who add these beautiful things on this beautiful page of Hamari web

Anas - Karachi 31 Oct, 2016

This is mine most favorite naat ‘Karama Mangta ho ata maangta hoon’ usually I read it when I listen this naat at mine cedies recorder

hadi - thatta 27 Oct, 2016

HamariWeb has eased the search by providing an authentic platform for religious naat.this page is good we all really like this page

saeed - lahore 27 Oct, 2016

I love to listen this naat I save it as my favorite book marks on this page because many time I like to play it and with this I don’t want to search it again

nZEER - Karachi 26 Oct, 2016

The amjad ghulaam sabri had a very good voice and his every naat i listen very eagerly and he was also the very good Qwaal

sufyaan - hydrabad 23 Oct, 2016

I am a really big fan of amjad sabri and many times I have tried to go shaan e ramzan for meet him but I didn’t get the chance

hassan - peshawar 22 Oct, 2016

I love to listen the naats by amjad ghulam fareed sabri because he has the other type of voice which is didn’t match with any other naat Khuwaan.

irham - islambad 20 Oct, 2016

AMjad Ghulam Sabri is best Naat Khuwan I have attend many events of him year ago and every event is like the new experience

Noor - Karachi 19 Oct, 2016

The amjad saabri is very popular man because he was very big Qawal and his naats was also very sweet and when he read his naats people was crying to heard his

zara - lahore 18 Oct, 2016

Actually the accent of Amjad Ghulam fareed sabri is so sweet, due to the accent I like every naat as well urdu and the presentation of this naat by Amjad freed sabri is so lovely.

rabia - Gujranwala 16 Oct, 2016

Actually the accent of Amjad bhai is so sweet, due to the accent I like every naats as well urdu or regional.

shookat - haydrabad 15 Oct, 2016

An amazing naat from popular Qawwal. My sincere love and gratitude for HamariWeb for posting this online.He is a famous and multitalented personality in Pakistan.

farhan - larkana 13 Oct, 2016

If you have the album of Amjad ghulam Sabri naats so please show there as soon as possible I want to listen every naat of him

Zubair - Karachi 05 Oct, 2016

I love to listen the naats by Amjad Ghulaam Fareed Sabri because he has the other type of voice which is didn’t match with any other naat Khuwaan

Anees - Karachi 03 Oct, 2016

Amjad Ghulaam Sabri is my first choice to play naats on browser I don’t what he has in their words but I really love to listen that

Sabir - Karachi 23 Sep, 2016


bahawalpuri gujjar - bahawalpur 28 Aug, 2015

subhan allah

nazia naseer - kharachi 12 Jun, 2015

Specially in the last ashra we recite this dua by Amjad Sabri, It is very heart touching.

chanda - khi 03 Jun, 2015

subhanallah...a very beautiful dua my favrt,,and sir amjad is my fvrt fog singer...and i also want to say that the vidio quality is pour u must improve it thank u and jazak allal...

bakhtawar magsi - shahdkt sindh 09 May, 2015


Ayyesha javed - Lahore 29 Jan, 2015

MashALLAH bht pyaaari dua hai

Sikandar Deura - Wazirabad 25 Dec, 2014

Ay Allah humain kamal Iman ata ferma

Shahbaz Rafique - Lahore 22 Sep, 2014

Allah Pak humain Islam per kamal iman day our humesh Allah ka sukar ada kernay wala bana day. imeen

Ijaz Rafique - Lahore 22 Sep, 2014

mujhay ye dua buht pasand hai allah hamai bhi dua mangny ki tufeq day

tahir watto - multan 14 Sep, 2014

YaAllah Hamari Duaa Bhi Kabool Farma

iqbal - TORONTO 05 Aug, 2014

i love this dua :'( :'( :'(

faryal khalid pasha - karachi 26 Jun, 2014

I love this dua

Zeeshan Haider - Lahore 08 Apr, 2014


farah - islamabad 09 Jan, 2014

very good naat shareef

salman - karachi 14 Nov, 2013

Boht achi dooa hai MashAllah

Noman Imtiaz - RawalPindi 31 Oct, 2013

Heart touching Hamd/Dua

Usman - Rawalpindi 24 Oct, 2013

its a vvvvvv goooood

abdulraheem - karachi 28 Sep, 2013

Ma Sha Allah

javid cheema - sialkot 23 Sep, 2013


champarbaz - karachi 04 Sep, 2013

Masha Allah achi awaz hae DUA ki.Allah hame DUA mangne ki taufiq de.

shabbir ahmed shaikh - karachi 30 Aug, 2013


taher - latur 07 Aug, 2013


balachraisani - QUETTA 06 Aug, 2013

I like it .It is good

tayyab aslam - RAWAL PINDI 05 Aug, 2013

allah pak humy maf kary allah pak humy hidayat day sub muslim bahi dua karna

fayyaz majeed - quetta 03 Aug, 2013


ch shahid - sahiwal 02 Aug, 2013

subhanallah , allah hamen neak kam krne ki tofeeq day

sohail pitafi - Dera Ghazi Khan 02 Aug, 2013

So soul peaceful masha Allah

Khalil - Tank 01 Aug, 2013

SUBHAN ALLAH Very nice ..

omar khalid khan - lahore 30 Jul, 2013

masha allah nice naat

momina - karachi 30 Jul, 2013

ameen summa ameen

khizer - hafizabad , jalal pur bhattian 30 Jul, 2013

subhanallah bahut achi dua hai I like very very good

marium - pind dadan khan 29 Jul, 2013

Masha Allah BHt khubsurat naat hai jo is k alfaz hain Allah tallah wahi duaein hamari qabool farmaein ,,,, Ameen

M. Tariq - Peshawar Gulbahar4 29 Jul, 2013


IQBAL ABRO - larkana sindh 29 Jul, 2013

very nice naat

raisrehman - kerachi 29 Jul, 2013

good and unique type naath

zahid waseem - islamabad 28 Jul, 2013

asslam alaikum subhan allaha

mohd jeelan - Raichur 28 Jul, 2013

mahah shah alah boot khob

muhammad sabir hussain abbasi al qadri - murree r pindi 27 Jul, 2013

mahsalla , dil sa nikle hue dua ha. Almighty Allah isa qabool kr lai

faquir Hussain - lahore 27 Jul, 2013


muhammad Sohaib - palandri ajk 27 Jul, 2013

Its Realy nice naat i m too much thankful to u.

Rehan Ameer - Karachi 26 Jul, 2013

ache naatain hauin :-)

salma ibrahim - karachi 25 Jul, 2013

zabardast dua masha a allah

bebo - rawalpindi 25 Jul, 2013


awais rauf - sukkur 24 Jul, 2013

subhan allah soror ata ha dili sun kar allah qabol b kare humare duain

arshad pims - islamabad 24 Jul, 2013

ya ALLAH hamari dua qabool farma ameeeeeeeeeeeeen

kashif - lahore 24 Jul, 2013

amjad sir ap ki awaz buhat koob sorat hai sir

rabia kaloi - karachi 24 Jul, 2013



very very emotinal dua in naat ALLAH hum sub ko muaf kary or humari duaon ko qabool farmay.........hum sub per apni rehmat atta kry AAMIN SUMAAMIN................YA ARHAMURRAHAMIN...............


subhan ALLAH .............

ZAMAN MUSTAFA - karachi 23 Jul, 2013

I realy to thise nath

syedimran - hyderabad 23 Jul, 2013

MASHALLAH very nice naat Amjad Ghulam fareed sabri

rukhsana bhatti - lahore 22 Jul, 2013


Danish akhtar - Lohardaga, jharkhand 22 Jul, 2013

this program is very very good

zafarullahkhanniazi - riyadh 22 Jul, 2013


mmumtaz - islamabad 22 Jul, 2013


irfansiddiqui - balrampur 22 Jul, 2013

nice nat good

ahmed sarwar - hassanroy 21 Jul, 2013

ap ke natts sunny ko dil chata ha...

shaheryar - wha cantt 21 Jul, 2013

ma shah Allah
Allah hum sub k gunah baksh dai humain nakiyun ke tarf rawana karay aameeeeeen

sadaf mir - karachi 21 Jul, 2013


Zaheer-u-din babar,Lahore

Zaheer Fakh - Lahore 20 Jul, 2013

very good natts

ahmad - jaranwala 20 Jul, 2013

very good collection, all naats are heart touching.

Rizwan Sheikh - jhang 19 Jul, 2013

Kya baat hai aap ki janab bohat achay............. Waqas Khan,Lahore

Waqas Khan - Lahore 19 Jul, 2013


TABSSUM QADEER KHAN - karachi islamabad 18 Jul, 2013

so sweet naat
shakirullah peshawar (tember pura)

shakirullah - peshawar 18 Jul, 2013

so nice nath realy like

nawaz khan - Quetta 18 Jul, 2013

very perfect naat

hassan - islamabad 18 Jul, 2013



MashAllah boht nice naat hai..

baila chudary - bwp 18 Jul, 2013

Aameen subhanallah bahot accha kalam he

pathan mohammad juber ashrafi - borsad,anand,gujrat,india 17 Jul, 2013



HIRA - HYD 17 Jul, 2013

heart touching naats

murtaza habib khan - srinagar 17 Jul, 2013


safoorhasan - gujranwala 16 Jul, 2013


SIMA - LAHORE 16 Jul, 2013


munir ahmad - maudaha 16 Jul, 2013

mashallah bohat achi dua ha insaallah tamam mosalmano ki dua qabool ho gi

abdul rehman - harappa 15 Jul, 2013

very nice

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MFaraz - Gujranwala 15 Jul, 2013

Naats are very good

Imtiyaz ahmad - Srinagar 15 Jul, 2013

aamin summa amin

hanif - karachi sindh 15 Jul, 2013


Anees aleem - Lahore 15 Jul, 2013

khuda khush rukhi amjad sabri...ko ki huzoor akram muhammad w aal e muhammad (s) ki natee parhti rahi...

manzoor kalro - hyderabad sindh 15 Jul, 2013


muhammadsaeed - karachi 15 Jul, 2013


Ayesha - Lahore 15 Jul, 2013

nice dua

ranakhuram - lahore 15 Jul, 2013

nice nath

shafee - bangalore 14 Jul, 2013

download kaSAY karo

altaf hussain lone - shopian kashmir 13 Jul, 2013

suban allah yeh dua zaroor kabul karna YA RAAB

SHAHID - SIALKOT 13 Jul, 2013

this naat is very good

arbaz tariq - rawalpindi 13 Jul, 2013




suhanallah, allah hamen naek kam krne ki tofeeq day

iqba wakhi - gilgit 13 Jul, 2013

subhanallah bohat pyari awaz hai or bohat pyari naat hai

wasi meer - sahiwal 13 Jul, 2013

Salam, , ,muJh sY download hvi to ni alBta bhaIyoun k CmenTs sy pur esrar hn k achi houn plxz Mujh sY cntct krein 03125049437

ehsan Amjad - rawalpindi 12 Jul, 2013


MAMUHAMMAD.A - dubai.uae 12 Jul, 2013

Nccc Naat....Mahe Ramzan mubarak to all Muslim

Md.Rizwan khan - Lucknow,(Nanpara) 12 Jul, 2013

ye he dua khoda humare haq main qabol farma ameen subhanallah

arshad pims - islamabad 12 Jul, 2013

v nice naat shareef

furqan turki - mumbai 12 Jul, 2013

SUBHAN ALLAH Very nice .....

Naeem - Sialkot 11 Jul, 2013

awsam voice nd lyrics

samra - sialkot 11 Jul, 2013

mahe ramadan mubarak

ahmad raza - hasilpur 11 Jul, 2013

vary vary goods nnth sun kr dil bar aya ankh bar ayi

arshadwaheed - karachi 11 Jul, 2013

suhanallah, allah hamen naek kam krne ki tofeeq day

zafar abbas - skardu 11 Jul, 2013

Nice naat

ishaq khan - chaman 11 Jul, 2013

new pily nathe pilz

mohd abdulwahed - riyadh k s a 10 Jul, 2013

this is the best aa wa zaaree to contact through out the islamic world

anwar khan - peshawar 10 Jul, 2013

subhan allaha sun kr dil ko saror mila

haider shahzad - lahore 10 Jul, 2013

nekle meri jan jabdekho madia

noor - Bidar 10 Jul, 2013

Good naaths..my contect number

Adnan.wattoo - Nankana sahib 10 Jul, 2013