Allah Rakha Cattle Farm 2016 Sohrab Goth Mandi

Added by Owais Mirza on Aug 12, 2016 2175 Views


I want to purchase a nice healthy cow in economical pricing and therefore, I choose to opt for this Allah Rakha Cattle Farm located in Sohrab Goth Mandi. I want to know if someone visited this cattle farm earlier and is aware of the latest animal stocking

Taimoor - Karachi 05 Sep, 2016

They are local cattle farms but they have the brilliant cows as the Mandi you have to find whole mandi and go with any one cattle farm so it’s better than that

Rehman - Karachi 01 Sep, 2016

Maybe Its is the second branch of dilpasand Because in Amir Dilpasand cattle farm bulls are very heavy same as Dilpasand cattle farm.

Zahid - karachi 30 Aug, 2016

Good Breed in this Cattle Farm i saw many cows are very active and their weight maximum 500Lbs .Never miss to see this Allah Rakh cattle Farm Guys .

Ali - Karachi 30 Aug, 2016

My range is just 60,000 rupees last year, any one tell me that can I easily purchase the cow last year in my range? In this year Cow mandi all the animals are very heavy which may be start over 1,00,000 rupees, I am worried about qurbani.

Xain - karachi 29 Aug, 2016

I remembered last year huge White beauty bull in Allah Rakha Cattle farm, this time I will definitely go to see the sacrificial animals in Allah Rakha Cattle farm with my friends or Family.

Asad - karachi 28 Aug, 2016

This brown one cow by Allah Rakha Cattle farm is so heavy which I like. Any body have any idea about the weight of this cow? I think it over five ton.

talha - khi 18 Aug, 2016

Masha Allah! All the bulls and Cows are very heavy and beautiful but I like this brown one, the round face of this cow make it more beautiful. This such a pure desi breed.

ali - khi 12 Aug, 2016