Bakra Mandi Lahore 2016

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On this page’s animals looking very expensive and beautiful tomorrow I will go there for bought the cow in this photos the red cow is looking very pretty so want to bought it

horain - karachi 15 Sep, 2016

Pakistan bakra mandi is very huge I want to go this mandi tomorrow I will gone to this Pakistan mandi and I feel very exciting

rameen - feslambad 06 Sep, 2016

This mandi is looking full of bakras and in mandi have some cows I will visited soon in bakra mandi Lahore because I am living in Karachi but after some days I will gone to lahore

Sameer - Karachi 04 Sep, 2016

After rainy I took a survey of mandi and I got the good prices there I also bought a Bakar in 18 thousand

Asad - Karachi 30 Aug, 2016

In this I have seen the Bakra rates in Pakistan every mandi is so expensive as we compare it to the last year that they aren’t so expensive they just have only reasonable prices

Talal - Karachi 28 Aug, 2016

Bakra should range between 15K to 35K not more than that but our Pakistani Cattle farmers sell their Bakras in expensive prices.

Asher - Karachi 15 Sep, 2015

Many of my cousin is also living in lahore, they says that the mandi of lahore is also very expensive just like in the karachi mandi but all the beauties of punjab are available only in the karachi mandi.

Afraz - Karachi 31 Aug, 2015

bakra mandi rates were very high last year, lets see what prices would be now i am sure the prices are gonna high because of tax

nameer - khi 25 Aug, 2015

Lahore cow mandi is bakwas many people over there prefer to grow cow in villages and slaughter them on eid days buying cows is uncommon trend there

Baber - Karachi 02 Oct, 2014

Cow Mandi Lahore is bad my cousin was saying lahore mandi is bigger than karachi cow mandi and now i take him to karachi cow mandi and he was just like omg this is soo big...

Momo - Karachi 01 Oct, 2014

Price of cows and bakras are bit higher in Lahore cow mandi than Karachi cow mandi my cousin lives in Lahore and show me his cow pic and the same size cow my neighbor bought in 10 thousand less amount.

Usama - Karachi 30 Sep, 2014

people in Cow Mandi Lahore 2014 has gone mad and crazy their demanding price are soo high and their attitude is also very bad

Hashim - Karachi 29 Sep, 2014

Now a days in Cow Mandi Lahore a cow is with name gullu butt.. the cow is very aggressive and huge and his owner is demanding handsome amount for this bull i think no body is gonna take that cow because of its aggression and price high.

Namaloom - Karachi 27 Sep, 2014

Prices are very high in Cow Mandi Lahore 2014... i saw the gullu butt cow video his owner is demanding 1500000 rupess for just a cow who is very angy

Bobby - Karachi 26 Sep, 2014

This is very old video of Cow Mandi Lahore, i think you should add the Cow Mandi Lahore 2014 latest video and cow pricess

Amaad - Karachi 25 Sep, 2014

Last year i was in Cow Mandi Lahore... the lahore cow mandi was not as good as i was i expecting it should be.... karachi Cow mandi is best

Charu - Delhi 24 Sep, 2014

Cow Mandi Lahore 2014 has been set around and there are beautiful animals and cows in the Gai Mandi i like all the cows no cow was unhealthy each cow was amazing and nice... I wish my qurbani got accepted by Allah

Sameer - Karachi 23 Sep, 2014

we do camel cow Qurbani ... Cow Mandi Lahore 2014 is full of nice cows and bakras but most of cows of here are sent in karachi Cow mandi

John - Karachi 22 Sep, 2014

My neighbor alwasy buys an expensive cow if he would see this cow he will become made about buying it. I think he should visit Cow Mandi Lahore 2014 so that he can find a better bull for his showing off

Asad - Karachi 20 Sep, 2014

Zabardast Cow it was 110000 now in Cow Mandi Lahore 2014 this cow would cost 200000 for sure what you say guys am i right or wrong. We purchased the same colored cows last year but her cost was 85000

Yamin - Karachi 19 Sep, 2014

Cows price are very high in Bakra Mandi Lahore 2014 yesterday i went to Bakra Mandi Lahore i enjoyed a lot with my friends and cousins we clicked soo many pictures and also make videos in Cow Mandi.

Yasir - Karachi 18 Sep, 2014

zaber dast hen cool

hassnain - karachi 11 Oct, 2013