Karachi Gai Mandi 2015

Jazz Aug 28, 2015 1633 Views

Category: Bakra Eid

Watch video of Karachi Gai Mandi 2015 submitted by Jazz on Aug 28, 2015. This video of Karachi Gai Mandi 2015 has total 1633 (one thousand six hundred and thirty-three) Views on Karachi Gai Mandi 2015.


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We Won't Give It Back

By humayun On 06 Sep, 2015 form khi

Yesterday I also visit in the super highway mandi, I noted that many of the containers are also unloaded in the block 12 as well many are also on the way. In this year such a large quantities of animals are available.

We Won't Give It Back

By Ameera On 29 Aug, 2015 form Karachi

Karachi Gai Mandi is a great place to buy Eid animals at a reasonable price. My father and brother they all go to Karachi Gai Mandi to buy eid animals.