Most Dangerous Bull Qurbani

Ayesha Rashid Sep 30, 2013 17440 Views

Category: Bakra Eid

It's a most amazing short video clip of a cow. In this video you will see a most dangerous bull which looks angry and trying to go far away from peoples. A bull wants to run and make people scary. Must watch.

Watch video of Most Dangerous Bull Qurbani submitted by Ayesha Rashid on Sep 30, 2013. This video of Most Dangerous Bull Qurbani has total 17440 (seventeen thousand four hundred and forty) Views on Most Dangerous Bull Qurbani.


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We Won't Give It Back

By Noman On 30 Aug, 2016 form Karachi

I like to watch this type of videos that looks dangerous and I also made by my own some dangerous bulls videos

We Won't Give It Back

By Shahid On 28 Aug, 2016 form Karachi

It is a common in every Eid that mostly people got dangerous Bulls but I don’t have to worried about it because I only Haier the experienced butcher for my every Bull

We Won't Give It Back

By Yasir On 18 Sep, 2015 form Lahore

I have never witnessed sacrificing a Bull in my life but Thanks to HamariWeb who have enabled me to watch this amazing video. Hats off to the photographer who captured it.

We Won't Give It Back

By asif On 25 Aug, 2015 form khi

the video of qurbani of bull is very Dangerous people should leave their kids at home for safety.