Qurbani Cow Running

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In Pakistan have many Qurbani cow mandi’s and in mandi have many beautiful and expensive cow compare the Pakistani and the other countries mondi are not then the bigger of pakistan

roshni - karachi 15 Sep, 2016

In Pakistan now a day Qurbani’s animals are too much expensive its rates are very high when I was bought the Qurbani animal I was shoked to listen its price

areesha - karachi 06 Sep, 2016

Yesterday I went to bakra mandi Lahore when I listened animals price I am shocked because its price are too higher so I don’t bought any animal

Dawood - Karachi 04 Sep, 2016

I also uploaded many videos like this because I like to making a videos who amazed the public as well as you seen this

Ashar - Karachi 30 Aug, 2016

This is so funny scene every in every Eid you absolutely seen these type of scenes on Eid day and the other days before the Eid so enjoy it and upload this type of videos more

Rameez - Karachi 28 Aug, 2016

This is the big issue when you just take your cow for walk and it get mad and start running. I hope many people has faced this kind of situation once in their life.

Obaid - Karachi 15 Sep, 2015

I dont like the song please bring some sense you guys are stupid do not add hindu songs in Islamic festival like Eid -e- QUrban

Aslam - Khi 09 Sep, 2015

Due to the large crowd the animals are also disturb that is the reason that this bull is running, many of the youngsters also make noises which create an important role to disturb the animal which is happen in the every year.

akbar - khi 08 Sep, 2015

I don’t know why the butchers open the rope before control the cow completely, that is the only thing which make it able to run away. I always sacrifice in my lawn instead of the streak because it is save.

talha - khi 06 Sep, 2015

hahahah qurbani cow running like she sees the world for the first time or she found a way to escape... hopefully she could not succeed in running she will be caught again

Danish - khi 05 Sep, 2015

Very funny video, I am stil laughing after watching this video of cow running but I noted that it is very difficult to control those animals which is not much healthy in the weight, this cow was also under two ton.

Faizan - Lahore 31 Aug, 2015

very funny video of qurbani cow run. Please add more and more videos like cow run and funny fight

Zahid - khi 25 Aug, 2015