Super Highway Karachi Cow Mandi 2016

Added by Imran on Aug 26, 2015 24661 Views


My many relatives live on super highway and they go there any time they have bought the animals in this mandi for in bakra eid Qurbani

hurain - karachi 15 Sep, 2016

In super highway cows are not very expensive but it’s very pretty animals I really like cow when I saw this I wished that I bought every cows in this mandi

nimra - lahore 06 Sep, 2016

I don’t like cow meat I like bakra meat because it is very good for heath my family was bought to cow it looks very nice and healthy I think that soon my family will bought to bakra for bakra eid

Zubair - Karachi 04 Sep, 2016

Super High way cow mandi is the biggest one in all over the Asia I am not done it completely but took a long survey of this mandi to searching the big animal in reasonable price

Abdullah - Karachi 01 Sep, 2016

This is my first year of immolation and I start to learn this dua from this day because it takes a time to learn Arabi in minimum time

Ubaid - Karachi 01 Sep, 2016

last night I took a survey of sohrab goath mandi and there are many beautiful and heavy animals available and I was selected the once in all

Absaar - Karachi 01 Sep, 2016

This is the biggest Mandi in all over Asia the Sohrab Goth mandi and when you went there so you have many choices and definitely you bought your animal

Shahmeer - Karachi 31 Aug, 2016

Sohrab Goth gai mandi is very huge i am here in karachi for this year and i saw a biggest cow mandi ever i have seen in my life.

Asad - karachi 30 Aug, 2016

I went to Sohrab Goth Cow Mandi and there was soo cute and pretty cows were there one cow was very cute but she was very expensive which is why i left her and moved

Daniyal - karachi 30 Aug, 2016

I like this Eid ul Adha especially because we boys go to mandi for buying Qurbani Cow and Goat. This is a very special occasion for us and I don't want to miss it.

Sana - Karachi 22 Sep, 2015

Cow mandi is on its peak the prices are like gold price even a bakra cost is 40000?? too high prices

Asif - Khi 17 Sep, 2015

Please give me the map of cow mandi i an new in karachi an I am afraid to go there because its huge area anyone can miss the direction specially children

Rahil - Khi 15 Sep, 2015

My brother and father just bought a good Cow for Qurbani and these days we are so busy in feeding and taking care of our Cow.

Rubab - Karachi 15 Sep, 2015

Please tell me from where i can have new videos of maweshi mandi 2015, the videos you added are very old and i want new videos, kindly reply to my comment.

Asfar - Khi 09 Sep, 2015

Bulls are not heavy in this cow mandi video, you can upload funny cow videos like you guys post on your Facebook page.

Abrar - Khi 09 Sep, 2015

Every time I purchase the sibbi bull in this mandi but this time I see the prices of sibbi bull is too much expensive. Every buyers are very disappointed to see the price of the animals because all the animals are very expensive.

fawwad - khi 08 Sep, 2015

In the VIP mandi all the animals are very healthy but you know I like the white nukhra in this farm which is much unique breed because its nose an the horns are also pink in the color and it is very healthy.

jafar - khi 06 Sep, 2015

In the mandi I noted that the brown animals with round face are available in much quantity, this look very beautiful because brown is my favorite color. I will buy this color if it is available in my range.

moosa - khi 06 Sep, 2015

What is maweshi mandi 2015 please be educated and show world you are educated nation, please say Cow Mandi or Cow Market or you can say cow breed market which is best

Azhar - khi 05 Sep, 2015

this is not the video of bakra mandi 2015 its previous year video i think you guys should visit mandi and record new video which will go viral on internet.

Ali - khi 05 Sep, 2015

i hate cow mandi 2015 its waste of time and i have no idea why people go cow mandi 2015 like they are going dubai or canada

Ali - khi 05 Sep, 2015

I dont like to Mandis especially when my family members are going for buying Qurbani animal.

Saadia - Lahore 31 Aug, 2015

I hate these types of videos where farmer shows the teeths of cow and goat. The best type of video are the ones where animals are doing catwalks.

Asad - Karachi 31 Aug, 2015

These are the cows of farm please record a video of cow mandi 2015 of the other side i mean the out of farm cows.

Sahir - khi 27 Aug, 2015