Super Highway Karachi Cow Mandi 2016

Cow Mandi 2015 - On this special occasion of Eid visit Super Highway Karachi Cow Mandi 2015 with your friends and family. It is a great place to buy Qurbani animal. People go in groups to Super Highway Cow Mandi especially to see the Top display Camels, Goats and Cows. The Super Highway Karachi Cow Mandi 2015 is famous for the display of huge and beautiful Cows there. All variety of Pakistan’s best cattle farms animals are displayed here in the Mandi.
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Watch video of Super Highway Karachi Cow Mandi 2016 submitted by Imran on Aug 26, 2015. This video of Super Highway Karachi Cow Mandi 2016 has total 25962 (twenty-five thousand nine hundred and sixty-two) Views on Super Highway Karachi Cow Mandi 2016.

Category: Bakra Eid

Imran  |  Aug 26, 2015  |  25962 Views

Latest Reviews & Comments

My many relatives live on super highway and they go there any time they have bought the animals in this mandi for in bakra eid Qurbani

  • By hurain, Form karachi
  • On 15 Sep, 2016

In super highway cows are not very expensive but it’s very pretty animals I really like cow when I saw this I wished that I bought every cows in this mandi

  • By nimra, Form lahore
  • On 06 Sep, 2016

I don’t like cow meat I like bakra meat because it is very good for heath my family was bought to cow it looks very nice and healthy I think that soon my family will bought to bakra for bakra eid

  • By Zubair, Form Karachi
  • On 04 Sep, 2016

Super High way cow mandi is the biggest one in all over the Asia I am not done it completely but took a long survey of this mandi to searching the big animal in reasonable price

  • By Abdullah, Form Karachi
  • On 01 Sep, 2016


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