Amazing Arabic Bakra(Goat)

Watch video of Amazing Arabic Bakra(Goat) submitted by shahzaib on Aug 31, 2010. This video of Amazing Arabic Bakra(Goat) has total 7670 (seven thousand six hundred and seventy) Views on Amazing Arabic Bakra(Goat) .

Category: Bizarre & Weird

shahzaib  |  Aug 31, 2010  |  7670 Views

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سبحان اللہ یہ اللہ کی قدرت ہے

  • By Muhammad Bilal Butt, Form Al Riyad Saudi Arebia
  • On 23 Sep, 2010

Subhanallah ( miracless of Allah ) no teach him to clim the tree and eat leaf. but he also teach us a lesson to depend on ur self. means strive to archive all success. by ur hard work not not scattered ( spread ) ur heand to other . proud on this goat is better then our pak politician . people

  • By zia khan, Form battagram ( saudi arabia )
  • On 08 Sep, 2010

کم از کم اپنی محنت سے کھا رھا ھے،ھمارے پاکستا نی سیاستد انوں کی طرح تو نہیں کہ عوام کا مال؛؛؛؛؛؛ باپ کا مال سمجھ کر کھا تے ہیں پاکستان ذندہ باد

  • By hafiz zahid hameed, Form Mandi Bahauddin
  • On 01 Sep, 2010

Assalam-o-Alaikum. SUBHAN ALLAH

  • By RASHID MINHAS, Form Karachi
  • On 01 Sep, 2010


Amazing Arabic Bakra(Goat)