Crazy Takeoff - Real or Fake?

A short funny video clip of an aeroplane. It's a good takeoff in this video but what you think, isn't it fake ? Or it's real ? Must watch this funny video now.

Watch video of Crazy Takeoff - Real or Fake? submitted by Imran on Sep 28, 2013. This video of Crazy Takeoff - Real or Fake? has total 16509 (sixteen thousand five hundred and nine) Views on Crazy Takeoff - Real or Fake?.

Category: Bizarre & Weird

Imran  |  Sep 28, 2013  |  16509 Views

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It is a video trick

  • By tamoor, Form lahore
  • On 04 Oct, 2013

hahahahaha Crazy Pilot :D

  • By ali zohair nayani, Form karachi
  • On 29 Sep, 2013

just fake, its impossible because of stall limits.

  • By Sami, Form Link√∂ping
  • On 29 Sep, 2013

Crazy Take Off: ---------------- MaY I ask a question? If it is a passenger aircraft doing Crazy take off, Is allowed to fly with close angle, No doubt in an emergency it can be done, For military aircraft, no problem, it c could fly at 180 Degree, If I am wrong pl correct me,

  • By Abdul Malik, Form Karachi
  • On 29 Sep, 2013