India nay Kashmir ko Pakistan ka hissa tasleem karlia

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Kashmir/ Hindustan and Pakistani enmity is sheer waste of time, energy, money and lives of
poor innocent people. By war there is no winners. War brings destruction to all party involved
promoting such action.

Who benefit : Manufacturers of Arms and Ammunition and the Government of the West.
Your hard earned income should have been used to develop your infrastructure, Health,
Education, and Welfare of the people of the country. Billions of US Dollars gone out of the
Country for what reason, to promote and feed the country of supplier of Arms to kill your
brothers, and to put your Country in debt for years to come.
Elected leader of the Country must note , to be careful and take precaution of the West
who's only objective is to grip you by their claws and make you bondage.

Please wake up and look at your poor people and their needs and keep the enmity away and
find solution to every problems and deal with it for the better condition and to improve living
condition of your country man, women and children.

shahim khalil - Queensland Aust 12 May, 2012

Wah kia bat ha Nai anay wali nasal ko Kashmir ko pakistani hisa bata ya ha
yeh to bahout achaha ha chalo jangoun say masla ka hal nahi howa chalaay aik umeed to pada howi is maslay kee, Haqqiqat ko tasleem karanay ki jurat to howi
Tauseef Amjad Meer.

Tauseef Amjad MEER - Peshawar, Pakistan 01 May, 2012

this is big parapognda

Iqbal Ka Sialkot - sialkot 28 Apr, 2012

yes finalyy we won...hahaha

Hassaan raza - karachi 25 Apr, 2012

Haqiqat khudi chaap di

PTI - Pakistan 25 Apr, 2012