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Asif Aug 30, 2010 5494 Views

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Watch video of Match Fixing Original Video submitted by Asif on Aug 30, 2010. This video of Match Fixing Original Video has total 5494 (five thousand four hundred and ninety-four) Views on Match Fixing Original Video.


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We Won't Give It Back

By zeeshan On 15 Sep, 2010 form karachi

haad hoti hain ya bacho wala clip bana kar kea batana cah rahy hain . fixer khud kah raha hain ka meri movie banao . ager match fix kea tha wo un cricketers ke movie ku nahi bana jub is ke bana sakta hain tou un ke ku nahi banay

We Won't Give It Back

By Asjad Farooq On 01 Sep, 2010 form Karachi

First of all I'll appreciate the people who are saying that its a big fraud with pakistani players and a scandalous affair by European media. We should always see both aspects of any story. I'll say as Imran Khan said "Kujh shehr dey loc wee zalam s'n, kujh sanun murn da shouq wee si." I also pray for the innocent ones to be safe and peaceful. I request the black sheeps of our cricket team to refrain from such activities which are shameful and create a bad name for our beloved homeland. I request the Paki govt. to remove whole the PCB management including specially EJAZ BUTT and make reforms and new management. Asjad Farooq, Karachi

We Won't Give It Back

By Barlas On 01 Sep, 2010 form islamabad

Yes muslims plus pakistanis ko zalil kerney ki sazish hey. Ye koi world cup nai tha k itni amount fix hoi. Its planning to let down Muslims only

We Won't Give It Back

By Qasim On 31 Aug, 2010 form multan

i agree with nasir. this is all fake and there is no proof that pakistani players are involve in this type of fixing. the news paper writes that majeed calls pakistani players in front of thier man. why should they not record that call. this is all fake and i heartdly blieve that our players are innocent. PAKISTAN ZINDABAD PAKI PLAYERS PAINDABAD