Misbehavior At Hyderabad Public School

Watch video of Misbehavior At Hyderabad Public School submitted by Salman Ahmed on May 27, 2011. This video of Misbehavior At Hyderabad Public School has total 6428 (six thousand four hundred and twenty-eight) Views on Misbehavior At Hyderabad Public School.

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Salman Ahmed  |  May 27, 2011  |  6428 Views

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very bad these r not teachers .....actually they are representing their behaviour that they had got from their parentsand they have not studied about the teachings of HAZRAT MUHAMMAD SALLALLAHO ALAIH E WASALAM and they have not any right to disgrace any teacher even if he has done very bad with them but who will teach them now ??? thay are the people who teach their youngers about respect of teachers but how sad it is that they shld be educate for this as well and they shld learn that they can also b the victim of any othr teachers same like this ........please learn smthing ..think that u r teachers not an illetrate person ..:(

  • By sana z, Form karachi
  • On 27 Jun, 2011