Pervez Musharraf leaves Indian Anchor Arnab Goswami Speechless ..

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Did Musharraf say anything at all to make the Indian Anchor Arnab Goswami go Speechless ??? what nonsense... come on people grow up... He was just denying at his will as he should and the anchor kept his questions on..... this is no topic to discuss and this reflects the intellect of Pakistan media or should i say foolishness ..

pradip - Dubai 03 Jun, 2013

oo chal aey

asneef - karachi 23 Mar, 2013

u have done a good job...we proud of you PERVAIZ MUSHARRAF....shameless indians


very good musharraf great leader

Hafiz Muhammad Ilyas Bhatti - Lahore 26 Jan, 2013

a pakistani with a least patriotism and conscience in him/her should felicitate musharraff on atleaast this act of back-spliting replies and by giving a courageous account of himself and pak army good short sir

riaz kakar - islamlabad 25 Jan, 2013

nice sir we prude of you

muhammad adeel - hassan abdal 23 Jan, 2013

well done sir

M.Noman - RWP 23 Jan, 2013

what ever is your past.but u make pakistani people proud.indian never change.ther r shameless.pakistan zinda bad.

yousaf - dallas 20 Jan, 2013

mushriaf did well

rizwan - toronto 19 Jan, 2013

Zindabad Muherraf

khair ali - Madeena 19 Jan, 2013

Pakistan Ki mujuda Hukumat main hy koie ju iss tarah bat kar saky.

Junaid - Houston 19 Jan, 2013

geo musharaf great leader.appriciated

habib - karachi 19 Jan, 2013

very good define media policy

sohail mirza - karachi 19 Jan, 2013

b4 12th may accident n behaviour with c justice his gov. was far better than so called democracy

a h.yousufzai - peshawar 19 Jan, 2013

G8 //// "commando" //// G8 "statesman" //// G8 Pakistani Respected All over the WORLD
SUCH respect / honour can ONLY be given / allowed / granted by the ALMIGHTY ALLH

arshadnaseemkhan - Karachi,Pakistan 19 Jan, 2013

bht ache sir

hina - khi 19 Jan, 2013

Shameful and insensitive comments from the former dictator. He had shamed Pakistan by refusing to take the bodies of its soldiers during Kargil war considered as martyrs in any country who were ultimately cremated by Indian Muslim jawans with Islamic rituals. Henceforth this, compulsive liar from Denialistan should be barred by Indian media also as he has been denied visa by GOI which irked him to utter such lies. Shame on Pak media for commending his comments and indulging in yellow journalism.

Enlightened - New Delhi 19 Jan, 2013

its a true lover of pak. if you accept or not,,,

rasheed - Riyadh 19 Jan, 2013

Pervez Musharraf is very good leader.

Muhammad Afzal - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 19 Jan, 2013

a gr8 leader, but unfortunately a dictator. a person who served the country for a dacade with no corruption charge and no downfall of a single institution. the people wil cherrish him 4 long time in their hearts but not words.

arif khan - swabi 19 Jan, 2013

salam to great leader of pakistan pervaiz musharaf. plz come back and give freedom from crupt govt

liaqat baloch - jhang 19 Jan, 2013

pakistani sayasat mein aisa bolne wala main ne koi bhi nahi dekha 1 bhuto tha bas aur 1 yeh hai lekin main chahta hun imran khan ko age ana chahye

yasir - athens 19 Jan, 2013

tiger ke samne kon bol sakta hai. salam apke jorat ka

alam - qatar 19 Jan, 2013