Pictures of Karachi Bomb Blast

Saleem Ullah Shaikh Jan 02, 2010 4863 Views

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Watch video of Pictures of Karachi Bomb Blast submitted by Saleem Ullah Shaikh on Jan 02, 2010. This video of Pictures of Karachi Bomb Blast has total 4863 (four thousand eight hundred and sixty-three) Views on Pictures of Karachi Bomb Blast.

کراچی میں یومِ عاشورہ پر ماتمی جلوس پر ہونے والے ریموٹ کنٹرول بم بلاسٹ کے بعد جائے حادثہ اور اس کے فوری بعد “ نامعلوم “ شرپسند جو کہ اب معلوم ہوگئے ہیں کہ کون ہیں ان کی جانب سے لگائی گئی آگ کے مناظر


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We Won't Give It Back

By akhtar On 12 Nov, 2010 form karachi

poor peoples of this country are dying no elite class and sons and daughter of ruler are not effecting so how can they feel this pain and misery of poor people, increasing cost of living is just like bomb blast which present government is doing since its came in the power. God bless our country.

We Won't Give It Back

By nishat khan On 08 Oct, 2010 form karachi

bomb blasting and khudkash bombar go to jahanam yhey trained to them are not so called muslim. musalman woo he jiske hath rair or zuban se kissi musalman ko takleef na punchee ameen

We Won't Give It Back

By nasir On 08 May, 2010 form faisalabad

یے سب غیر مسلموں کں سازش ہے

We Won't Give It Back

By aamir ali On 01 Feb, 2010 form karachi

ye log musalman nahi hain..allha ham sab ko aapni aaman main rakhe ameen.