Pakistani Student Scores 23 As in O Level Exams

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Excellent !!! Ibrahim Shahid. C O N G R A T S from the core of my heart, and 18 Million hearts of our beloved country Pakistan. You elevated your country name, your parent's name, your teachers' names, and surely your own sweet name too. The first thanks you owe is to Allah Subhaan hu wa Ta'aala, and then to all who have been mentioned above. Pledge yourself to the cause of the pleasure for Allah (SWT), Extreme love to His Messenger Muhammad (PBUH), and spreading of your knowledge to the uplift of humanity all over the world. Aameen Summa Aameen

May you stay blessed forever, and many more successes in life may always welcome you. May you become a leader in true spirit, and may you grow into a responsible citizen, beloved son/brother/husband, Insha'Allah. Aameen Summa Aameen. I must also pray that you stay unharmed of all kinds of the jealousies. Aameen once again. With lots of loves from me, and salaam from my family members.

Sarfraz - New Jersey, U S A. 16 Apr, 2015

zabardast , well done Brother

shahzad - Gujrat 02 Mar, 2015

I love Ibrahim Shahid because i love all genius,intelligent and sharp students.They are acid of my beloved Pakistan.May Allah give him more success here and hereafter.Aameen Summa Aameen.

*Rizwana Khan* - Karachi 27 Jan, 2011

Great achievement!!!

Umer - Sharjah 27 Jan, 2011