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Hasbi Rabbi Jal Allah - Farhan Ali Qadri Hamd Video
Hasbi Rabbi Jal Alla


This video of farhan ali qadri is very sweet because his voice is very sweet which he use to read the beautiful naats form the way of Islam

zara - pindi 11 Dec, 2016

Mostly naats available there at this page of naat session and it is very easy for us to share it and download it easily with the public browser supported files

Azad - Karachi 09 Dec, 2016

I listen the many naats of farhan ali qadri and this is the very nice video of him I also listen many time before this naat by this site

zara - karachi 08 Dec, 2016

Farhan Ali Qadri is my favorite Naat Khuwan I have watched his naats albums and also attend the Milaad by Farhan Ali Qadri

Kamran - Karachi 08 Dec, 2016

This is the very sweet video of farhan qadri naat I listened the many naats of his because I really like his voice

sania - pindi 06 Dec, 2016

This is the very nice video of farhan ali qadri naat and I see his many naats video by this site because this is the only site which gives me the very naats video who is mine favorite

zunera - karachi 06 Dec, 2016

Every naat of farhan ali qadri is really good because he read the naats of him by the heart and peoples are really like him voice

Imtiaz - Karachi 05 Dec, 2016

I love to listen the naats by Farhan Ali Qadri because he has the other type of voice which is didn’t match with any other naat Khuwaan

Asghar - Karachi 05 Dec, 2016

The new collection of Farhan Ali Qadri is available there you don’t need to go any other pages of naat when you have everything at this page

Adnan - Karachi 01 Dec, 2016

I really like to read the naats who has the beautiful wording about the Islam and this naats is also very beautiful on this page

ambrenn - panjab 01 Dec, 2016

I am very eager to listening naats and I have many stock of cadies and they some cidies of naat whenever I free from all work so listen naats

raheem - banglore 29 Nov, 2016

I like naats which have deep meanings like this naat Khuwaan Farhan Ali Qadri feel happy to see his video at this page of Hamari Web

Shafeeeq - Karachi 28 Nov, 2016

Most of the Naats Video clips are submitted or shared by the users from which we select the quality videos appropriate for all of our regular users and audience from around the world.

omayr - faislabad 27 Nov, 2016

I just listen naats because of the AMjad Ghulaam sabri because he is my favorite naat khuwaan and I am extremely impress with him

Sami - Karachi 27 Nov, 2016

Farhan Ali Qadri is the old naat khuwaan who start his future at Owais Raza Qadri time but he touch the sky from his beautiful voice

Areesh - Karachi 27 Nov, 2016

He is a versatile Naat Khawan who has gained popularity among Pakistani people in such a short time period.

sadaf - multan 23 Nov, 2016

Farhan ali qadri read very sweet naats usually I listen his many naats and this is mine favorite naat’s video and today I saw that

AFIA - thatta 23 Nov, 2016

Still my favorite naat in all naats I want to say thanks to this page owner Hamari Web who add these beautiful things on this beautiful page of Hamari web

Shafeeq - Karachi 22 Nov, 2016

The farhan ali qadri naats is the very famous in all Pakistan and he is the best naat khwan in our country I heard his many naats on the net

fizan - queeta 20 Nov, 2016

Farhan Ali Qadri Naats is available there so you can easily download the naat on this page so follow it subscribe it and share it with your friends.

raoofulla - lahore 19 Nov, 2016

This video is very nice of the farhan ali qadri naat and this is the new video of him usually I come on this site to see him naats videos

sidra - lahore 19 Nov, 2016

This page have the really good collection farahan ali qadri naats I have copied it but I want the lyrics of his naat completely if this possible

ashraf - makkah 16 Nov, 2016

Farhan Ali Qadri also sings many naats but I still like his old naats what he sings at first time when he start to sings and wrote naats

Saif - Karachi 15 Nov, 2016

Farhan Ali Qadri has a beautiful voice I don’t know why he still work on some albums I suggest him to add something new in his naats

palwashan - lahore 15 Nov, 2016

The voice of Farhan Ali Qadri is Genuine so don’t you think that this is the magic of mikes and the stereo is available behind the mikes

Tanveer - Karachi 13 Nov, 2016

This site is very good for those peoples who want to see and listen the videos because there both facility is available for all type of working

lareeb - pindi 10 Nov, 2016

Farhan Ali Qadri is the youngest naat khuwaan but he has the ever pretty voice what everyone like to listen and he also had more beautiful albums of his naats

Arshad - Karaci 31 Oct, 2016

I really like to listen the many naats and the farhan ali qadri is the very good naat khwan who reads the best naats ever and his new naat collection is really awesome

huma - karachi 27 Oct, 2016

whenever i want to listen naats then i just brows this website and this website is amazing.i really like this page.

samreen - jadha 27 Oct, 2016

Farhan Ali Qadri Complete albums is available there so you have to listen there and also you can download from this beautiful page of naats

Fawad - Karachi 26 Oct, 2016

I have many cideis of the farhan qari naats his naats is very good for listening and many hidden feelings are present in his naats

imraan - hydrabad 23 Oct, 2016

The video of composing this beautiful naat by farhan ali qadri is very beautiful which I like. i really love his voice. his voice is amazing and so beautiful.

arslan - karachi 22 Oct, 2016

Such a power in this naat which make it more able to listen, his presentation make all the naats more beautiful, i also watch him in ramazan.

luqman - queeta 20 Oct, 2016

He has the good voice what and absolutely the amazing way to define the Naat and sing like only he is the person who is doing this best

Shafeeq - Karachi 19 Oct, 2016

Farhan ali qadri is may ideal. Very emotional naat by Farhan ali qadri ,heart touching dua. i really like this naat. The presentation of this naat is so lovely and real.

rafeeq - isalamabad 16 Oct, 2016

Just with the help of this page I am able to download the naats video without searching more on Google for selected naats .

sarfraz - peshawar 15 Oct, 2016

He is a versatile Naat Khawan who has gained popularity among Pakistani people in such a short time period.

aslam - murree 13 Oct, 2016

No it is not looking HD because I have seen the real video of this naat ion HD and it looks too different than the HD standard

Azmat - Karachi 05 Oct, 2016

Farhan Ali Qadir have a beautiful and clear voice which is only some lucky naat Khuwan got form Allah and I am thinking that he is really lucky

Ajmal - kara 03 Oct, 2016

Just share this page to my friend and suddenly he gives me the reply that this is amazing because we both friends are love to listen naats

Fahad - Karachi 23 Sep, 2016