For Burger He Can Do Anything

Added by Jazz on Oct 20, 2014 16496 Views


When beginning i thought its an interesting video but the end is very funny which i like most.

moiz - khi 25 Mar, 2015

I am also keen to eat burger but i can also make it with my own hands, this is just a funny video in this site.

shahzad - dubai 12 Feb, 2015

This burger is looking very tasty, i also feel water in my mouth after watching this video but this is a funny video. This portal of is very special for the kids.

bisma - khi 12 Dec, 2014

I dont know who left a fresh burger in this jungle, this such a funny video and the main thing i noted that the man how learn to eat burger?

rameez - khi 11 Dec, 2014

My daughter is also do any thing for the burger, she is usually like to eat junk food. I also share this video for my daughter and she is laughing to watch it.

zafar - khi 20 Nov, 2014

I think due to the smell of the burger they reach near to it but they dont know any one wants to caught them with the help of burger.

habib - khi 30 Oct, 2014

What happen when he jump upon the burger to get it? I think he get into this surrounded area. This is an interesting video which i like most.

shahzaib - khi 25 Oct, 2014