Funny Documentary On Imran Khan

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Rohail - Karachi 01 Feb, 2017

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mahi - rawalpindi 31 Jan, 2017

On this funny video portal of HamariWeb I just watch the mimicry videos by Shafaat Ali, he is the guy who can also sing song in the voice of Adnan Sami and Atif Aslam, I really wonder to see his talent.

Nadeem - khi 30 Jan, 2017

I also like the dubbed video of our political person in which Bilawal Bhutto and Imran Khan both are my favorite politicians, I also like this funny documentary of Imran Khan.

burhan - khi 27 Jan, 2017

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narma - lahore 26 Jan, 2017

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Ans - Karachi 30 Dec, 2016

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urwa - Karachi 29 Dec, 2016

I am really very laughing to see the videos of this page specially the Imran khan documentary this is very funny thing in it and this guy looks like totally Imran khan

fawad - karachi 28 Dec, 2016

This is the very funny page about Imran khan on this page available the poetries and many things which Imran khan can speak on him speech so that convert in the funny speech

azeeza - lahore 27 Dec, 2016

The unique, funny and innocent talks or actions of little children can be recorded by their parents and shared online in the form of funny clips for kids. 

unsa - gujranwala 25 Dec, 2016

Imran khan the lion king of Pakistan

ahtasham - Rawalpindi 09 Apr, 2011

No doubt IMRAN KHAN was a greate player. we are proud of him.

Rashid - Lahore 19 Aug, 2009