Mene Kya Kia? Zaid Ali New Funny Video

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For the funny videos specially such a large collections of Zaid Ali videos this funny videos portal of is very interesting which I like.

ahmad - khi 02 Apr, 2016

The funny videos in this site are quiet helpful to spend your free time when you feel bore. I also enjoyed all these videos of Zaid Ali and Sham idress.

huma - khi 20 Mar, 2016

hahahahahah Zaid ali you such nice comedian to much funny all the videos i like you and your family.........

Khalid - khi 20 Mar, 2016

Love it. Said always makes me smile :) And the eight o'clock thing is true I have experienced it.

Hamid - khi 19 Mar, 2016

its funny in pakistan apariently... i would say that someone doing that could easily be fround upon in that society so i say good for him

shabbi - khi 16 Mar, 2016

Only Zaid Ali's videos are based on the reality that is the reason that I browse his videos in the funny portal of, I really enjoy it.

parveen - multan 15 Mar, 2016

The reaction of girls are unpredictable that is why I noted that Zaid Ali make mostly videos on the girls reaction. I also enjiy this funny video which is very interesting.

Ahsan - multan 14 Mar, 2016

i have not laughed so hard in a long time. thank you very much for taking the time to make this video. clean, and no one looked as if they were hurt, and very very funny.
reminds me of a modern day charlie chaplin. great video !!!!!!

baresha - khi 10 Mar, 2016

Every married woman have the same argue with her husband which I see in this funny video of Zaid Ali. All the funny videos of Zaid Ali's are based on the reality.

burhan - khi 10 Mar, 2016