New Technology Donkey Fan

New Technology Donkey Fan
Watch video of New Technology Donkey Fan submitted by Jazz on Jan 22, 2013. This video of New Technology Donkey Fan has total 19484 (nineteen thousand four hundred and eighty-four) Views on New Technology Donkey Fan .

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Jazz  |  Jan 22, 2013  |  19484 Views

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  • By MANZOOR KALRO, Form Hyderabad.
  • On 17 Feb, 2013

This is not technology but cruelty and resulted due to poverty plus ignorance of public in this rural area in Pakistan.Leaders and rulers should be ashamed moreover must be cursed they have gotten all the facilities with luxuries from national treasure and taxes but they don't have any care to fulfill the basic needs of people which they deserve for.These poor innocent people had no need to invent this kind of cruel and ridiculous procedure to get rid from hot if they would have gotten electricity in their village or else they don't have got the torture of load shading.

  • By Rana Tabassum Pasha(Daur), Form Dallas f w,USA
  • On 31 Jan, 2013

Stop this please .Bechara bezaban animal .

  • By Humna, Form Karachi
  • On 26 Jan, 2013

Please apne lia oos donkey ko istemaal na kero kuch der ose aaraam kerne do.

  • By Zoobia , Form USA
  • On 26 Jan, 2013


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