Police Walay Jugni Jee :P

Watch video of Police Walay Jugni Jee :P submitted by shahzaib on Dec 30, 2011. This video of Police Walay Jugni Jee :P has total 10176 (ten thousand one hundred and seventy-six) Views on Police Walay Jugni Jee :P.

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shahzaib  |  Dec 30, 2011  |  10176 Views

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helo dear YARU , your singing is most best and i hope that u will the famous singer of future may Allah bless u ^& ur family ( Your Brother Chohadry Haseeb Ali ----PAKISTAN AIR FORCE )

  • By Chohadry Haseeb Ali, Form 41mb Khushab
  • On 03 Feb, 2012

Yaroo Police walley bhee insaan hein Hamarei tarhaa.. Unn key bhee jazbaat hein. its really GR8.

  • By Muhammad Tahir, Form Lahore
  • On 23 Jan, 2012

Atleast something good to see from Pak Police.

  • By Ashfaq, Form Florida
  • On 03 Jan, 2012


Police Walay Jugni Jee :P