PPP funny fight In Manchester Ki Adalat

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This is the very old video but still too funny as we want to see I am really enjoying watching this video on Hamari web thanks for uploading at this page

Umer - Lahore 01 Feb, 2017

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Last Saturday I was really bored because I was free that’s why I decide to browse funny videos page of HamariWeb where I watch many funny videos of Zaid Ali and Shafaat Ali.

zia - khi 30 Jan, 2017

I love the funny videos portal by HamariWeb, when I want to refresh my mind I open this page. In this page this funny PPP clip is so funny which I also share with my friend.

abbas - khi 27 Jan, 2017

Many unique videos has on this page which I didn’t saw on the other site before and I see that on this page with much interest

fahad - multan 26 Jan, 2017

I am feeling very bad for this person .this is not good this person should not slapped on his face.and the anchor was looking worried.

ali - wazeerabad 25 Jan, 2017

This is mostly happens in our TV shows where anchors motivated the two parties for fighting and the reason will make us funny which is not good

Imran - Kaarchi 24 Jan, 2017

This is the amazing site who show me the best videos and this is the very funny video of Manchester adalat which I really like to see

urwa - hydrabad 24 Jan, 2017

I saw this video this is not funny video.this is shocking video .and I was shocked when he slapped on the other person face.

nabeela - mumbai 23 Jan, 2017

I have seen the all videos on this page and now I see this video of fight in Manchester Ki adalat and this is not very funny then before videos

raheela - multan 22 Jan, 2017

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this video is so funny I cannot stop laughing.anything that can make us smile or laugh is worth watching and sharing.

kanwal - gazi chak 12 Jan, 2017

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eman - hydrabad 12 Jan, 2017

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