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Apnay Se Kuch Kaho Na Paraay Se By Habib Jalib

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Main Nahi Manta

By Umaima On Thursday, February 18 2016 From Karachi

Habib Jalib only wrote a words who shows a reality in your own and gives you a motivation to face every problem what you have right now

Main Nahi Manta

By Shaqib On Wednesday, February 17 2016 From Karachi

Mohsin Naqvi is the oldest and great poet by my vision and he also a famous guy whose poems is most selling and most written

Main Nahi Manta

By Haq Sahib On Wednesday, February 17 2016 From Karachi

Habib Jalib is only one guy whose poems touching my heart senses he only says reality and shows that we can face everything every else in our life if we want

Habib Jalib was a revolutionary Pakistani poet who is known for this opposition against the martial law and oppression. Habib Jalib was a progressive poet who believes in writing in simple language. Habib Jalib poetry was based on daily life problems and common man issues. Habib Jalib poetry has been used in the Pakistani movies. On his incredible work and service towards Urdu poetry, Government of Pakistan gave him the highest civil award in 2022. Habib Jalib video poetry is the voice of common man against corruption and inequity. Habib Jalib video poetry can be

The conviction and magic of his words is presented in the form of Habib Jalib video poetry collection that coves all of his popular work. You can find some of the popular collection of Habib Jalib video poetry that you can listen and share on social media on various platforms.