Hasb-E-Haal - 14th Feb 2014

Hasb-E-Haal - 14th Feb 2014
Watch video of Hasb-E-Haal - 14th Feb 2014 submitted by Jazz on Feb 14, 2014. This video of Hasb-E-Haal - 14th Feb 2014 has total 3940 (three thousand nine hundred and forty) Views on Hasb-E-Haal - 14th Feb 2014.

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Jazz  |  Feb 14, 2014  |  3940 Views

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It is a beautiful show to discuss important national issues. We look forward to watch it every weekend. Mr Azizi Sahib, Mr.Junaid sahib and Ms.Nagia all of you play good role. We live in USA and every weekend myself and my wife Khalida Riaz love to watch, laugh and enjoy it. May God keep you happy and healthy. Some time it feels like that there is lack of respect between Junaid Sahib and Azizi Sahib. I could be wrong. Please make sure that both of you must respect each other and do not get mad. When we see you angry, it makes us upset. God Bless you all.

  • By Muhammad Riaz, Form New Jersey, USA
  • On 16 Feb, 2014


  • By saeedomar, Form RIYADH
  • On 15 Feb, 2014