Dr. Bilquis Sheikh Hair Fall Remedy - Health Tips

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Plz tell me ye kis date ka episode ha?

iqra shahid - sahiwal 20 Nov, 2015

I think coconut oil is good for the health, specially in the winter season hair falling and the dandruff is the normal issue in which many peoples get into this season for those peoples oiling is necessary.

fareeda - khi 12 Nov, 2015

My aunt has a serious hair fall problem. I am going to share this video link of Dr. Bilquis Sheikh hairfall remedy with her. I am sure this will help her for sure.

Raheela - Lahore 09 Nov, 2015

I am in a big trouble of hair fall problem and I found the Desi totka sort of solution to it after watching this video of Dr. Bilquis. I will definately try it for sure!

Humera - Islamabad 04 Nov, 2015

Does this remedy actually work on those with baldness issue? My son is having severe hairfall, if I use this remedy by Dr. Bilquis will it actually be effective?

Samina - Karachi 03 Nov, 2015

I dont know what kind of Tip she share I tried some of her tips and never get any results. I tired her tips around 2 to 3 months and I saw no change in me.

Sahfat - Karachi 12 Oct, 2015

In case you are facing hair loss or hair fall issue then simply watch this amazing video where Dr. Sheikh is giving valuable information regarding the preventive measures of hairfall

Farah - Karachi 10 Oct, 2015

I like Dr Bilquis Sheikh all remedies especially this because her remedies are simple that you can easily try and prepare at home.

Safa - Islamabad 09 Oct, 2015

This is the best hair fall remedy from my favorite Dr. Bilquis. My hair fall issue is almost resolved by using this solution. Thank you HamariWeb for sharing it here.

Quratulain - Lahore 30 Sep, 2015

Dr Bilquis is one of the best home remedy adviser in Pakistan specially for women. I really follow her health tips.

Nain - Islamabad 29 Sep, 2015

Thanks for sharing such an informative video about hair falling and I know it is good because the same remedy my nani was used to tell me and my sisters for hair falling.

Zaib - Karachi 28 Sep, 2015

Very nice

Arshad abbas - Jhang 02 Feb, 2015