Khufia Operation

Khufia Operation

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Khufia Operation - 5th January 2013

By ayshaa On Sunday, April 19 2015 From bradford,westyorkshire

can you plc put videos in hd r in good quality whats the point puting videos up taht r NOT watchable plc put them in hd,720p,thx

Khufia Operation - 9th March 2014

By SHAKRA On Monday, March 10 2014 From LAHORE


Khufia Operation - 2nd Feb 2014

By laraib On Monday, February 03 2014 From hong kong

i think that khufia operation is a very good program because it helps people to know good and bad . i am very happy to see that fake teacher getting caught and i hope that no one will ever do this type of behavior again. hats off to the brave reporter and the whole team

Khufia Operaion - 26th Jan 2014

By Waqar On Wednesday, January 29 2014 From karachi

I dislike this.. these types of shows put negative impact on our minds... for the sake of TPR you are doing it.