Jise Chaha Dar Pe Bola Lia

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Khurshid Ahmed is the best naat Khuwaan I ever listen in my life he has the really good words which he use in his naats

Unzila - Karachi 12 Dec, 2016

This naat by Khurshid Ahmed is the most famous naat I have ever listen because there is not much sound n it and it’s a simple and sobar naat

Ramshah - Karachi 09 Dec, 2016

I really like this site who can give me mine all favorite naat who the other site don’t give that and with the help of this site I listen mine favorite naats

jamal - hydrabad 08 Dec, 2016

This naat is really awesome and the good thing is that you can easily get the best quality of audio naats at this page

Hoor - Karachi 08 Dec, 2016

He was a renowned religious speaker and recited various popular Naats and Hamd. Khurshid ahmad was a very close follower and friend of Muhammad Ilyas Attar Qadri, who is the leader of the peaceful Islamic movement Dawat-e-Islami.

bashir - beijing 07 Dec, 2016

Naats are available with the perfect voice and audio sound at this page I like to listen Naats and this is the best way to listen Naats

Ahmer - Karachi 06 Dec, 2016

I have multiple collections of khurshid ahmad Naat because I like to listened his naats and she has ever beautiful collection of naats

ambreen - karachi 05 Dec, 2016

I still keep this naat as my favorite wish list from khurshid ahmad ‘jise chaha dar pe bola lia’ his way of defining amazing

tabinda - lahore 05 Dec, 2016

Kurshid Ahmed Naats area most famous on the social because he is the older person in this field of naat and that’s is the really big reason that he can sings a perfect naat

Nawaz - Karachi 02 Dec, 2016

Please tell me some one that is this naat khwan cedies are available because I want to buy that for listen his popular naats

nadia - pindi 30 Nov, 2016

After a long time and many naat khuwaan he is the one of the best naat khuwaan in my wish list like to listen him and sings his naat in events

Iqbal - Karachi 29 Nov, 2016

This is the beautiful video of khurshid ahmad naat of ‘jise chaha dar pe bola lia’ this is the very nice naat on this page and peoples also like that

rameez - thatat 28 Nov, 2016

Khurshid Ahmed naats is truly amazing I really appreciated the way he is defining the naats and the lines which is more important on this naat

Anees - Karachi 27 Nov, 2016

This is mine favorite naat ‘jise chaha dar pe bola lia’ but I like this naat only in khurshid ahmad voice because he have a very sweet voice

qainaat - Lahore 27 Nov, 2016

Every one like to listen naats because of his good personality and old experience in this naat world that’s why I like to follow him

Anees - Karachi 27 Nov, 2016

khurshid ahmad naat collection is available there and this is really good for me because I want to listen his every new naat which sing by him

sarfraz - cairo 23 Nov, 2016

I like to sings naats and I also practiced myself In front of my family and friends and for those purpose I used Kurshid Ahmed naats which has beautiful words

Tanveer - Karachi 23 Nov, 2016

Khusrshid Ahmed is the best naat khuwaan I really like his naats I just first time listen his naat and I thought he making more albums for his naats because he has the beautiful voice

Adnan - Karachi 22 Nov, 2016

Definitely khurshid ahmad sings really beautiful naats I like this person because he uses the genuine words of his every naat

liaquat - penang 21 Nov, 2016

This page have beautiful naats what i was searching for before as well I love to listen it from there because I can easily download naats from this page from my favorite naat Khuwaan.

najwa - karachi 19 Nov, 2016

I read this naat many time and now I want to read the new naats of khurshid ahmad because he has the beautiful naats in his voice

wania - lahore 19 Nov, 2016

I really like to listen this naat by khurshid ahmad jise chaha dar pe bola lia his of defining the every word with his really feelings is amazing

fajar - dallas 16 Nov, 2016

After searching form long I got the best naat which has the deepest words and have the best lines which is so close to the subject of this naa

Mehreen - Karachi 15 Nov, 2016

I have listened his naats before as well in the milaad of my cousins home many people sing his naats in milaad and it seems really beautiful

Owais - Karachi 13 Nov, 2016

I have many stock of cidies ‘khurshid ahmad’ usually I listen his naat because in his voice has hidden many beautiful words

shameera - karachi 10 Nov, 2016

I just waiting for Khurshid ahmed new albums which is not available on this page and I want to listen it because some where I just heard that he add more naats on his history

Akram - karachi 31 Oct, 2016

khurshid ahmad is the best Naat Khuwan who has the good voice which people like to listen and now I am going to download his naats

aqsa - islambad 27 Oct, 2016

Khurshid Ahmed is a great legend, when I was a young guy I listen various kalam in his voice on Ptv Channel. Now I wonder to see his son because his voice is just like his father.

uzair - khi 27 Oct, 2016

Thanks for adding the albums of Khurshid Ahmed on this page I used to listen it from there because this page has the complete collection of naats

Ishaaq - Karachi 26 Oct, 2016

Today I listened this naat ‘jise chaha dar pe bola lia’ and when I listened it I also read this naat because this is very good for listing

rameen - pindi 23 Oct, 2016

This naat is very sweet for hearing I really like this naat ‘hazir hai dar-e- daulat pe gada’ usually mine mother listen this naat because she really like it

waheed - karachi 20 Oct, 2016

I love to listen this naat Jise Chaha Darr Pe Bula Lia and i am also learning this naat for my upcoming Milaad in institute

Hammad - Karachi 19 Oct, 2016

Many naats of khurshid ahmad is very sweet he read very good naat and also this naat is very sweet ‘jise chaha dar pe bola lia’

fariqa - pindi 18 Oct, 2016


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