Khuda Ki Azmatain Kiya Hain - Alhaaj Khurshid Ahmad Naat

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After listen Khurshid Ahmed naats I am very impressed and I felt like I should try to recite his naat in Mehfil E Milaads

Tehreem - Karachi 12 Dec, 2016

Khuda Ki Azmatain naat is awesome I listened it many time in a day because this is the season to play naats for the Happiness

Junaid - Karachi 09 Dec, 2016

There are all khwaan naat are available and whenever I want to read and listen the naats so I come on this site for listen that

rukhsaar - pindi 08 Dec, 2016

The quality are best of every naat available at this page I am not talking about video quality I am talking about the audio quality of naats

Sana - Karachi 08 Dec, 2016

He was a Naat Khuwan equally loved by people.khurshid ahmad naats shows his love and devotion towards Prophet (SAW) that will live forever. Khurshid ahmad was one of the greatest Naat Khuwan in The Muslim World. He was popular due to his great voice. 

bisma - buraydah 07 Dec, 2016

Khurshid Ahmed Naat Khuda Ki Azmatain is the perfect naat which has the word to word meaning of every Urdu Vocabulary

Bkhari - Karachi 06 Dec, 2016

Khurshid ahmad is the good naat khuwaan he worked really hard on his albums of naats I remember when I listen first naat by khurshid ahmad

suhail - lahore 05 Dec, 2016

khurshid ahmad sing this naat with the every beautiful way ‘khuda ki azmatain kiya hain’ and I really appreciated the words which used in this naat

afeefa - lahore 05 Dec, 2016

Khurshid Ahmed naat of Khuda Ki Azmatain was really beautiful I listened his this naat before when he launched the album of this

Amjad - Karachi 02 Dec, 2016

This is the very popular naat of ‘khuda ki azmaten kiya hain’ and its wording are very beautiful because the many hidden words are in which is very beautiful

sabeen - hydrabad 30 Nov, 2016

I like to play his naats whenever I had any event in this season of Mehfil E Miladd I have complete alum of Khurshid Ahme in my cellphone

Sabir - Karachi 29 Nov, 2016

Many peoples use this site for listen the naats of him favorite because this is the only site which gives us the all naat of our favorite

alishba - karachi 28 Nov, 2016

Usually I read this naat of ‘khuda ki azmaten kiya hain’ and whenever I want to listen this naat so I come on this site for listen and see it

usmaan - lahore 27 Nov, 2016

Khurshid ahmad have a great voice which he use way of Islam to read the naats his this naat is very beautiful that is ‘khuda ki azmatain kiya hain’

habia - lahore 25 Nov, 2016

Khuda ki Azmatain Kia Hain I love this naat by Khurshid Ahmed mostly I am listening this naat whenever I got a free time at my office

Safdar - Karachi 24 Nov, 2016

Naat Khuda Ki Azmatain is the very beautiful naat by Khurshid I am really accept this thing I s that Khurshid Ahmed also sings a beautiful naats and have a great mind for singing naats

Aqdas - Karachi 23 Nov, 2016

I don’t much like his voice and the way where he define the words of this naat but I am really impressed with the naat with words what he delivered

Tahir - Karachi 22 Nov, 2016

The depth of Khurshid Ahmad voice make every Kalam more beautiful, his way of recitation is also unique which I like. This Hammd 'Khuda Ki Azmaten Kia Hain' is a beautiful kalam.

Uzma - khi 21 Nov, 2016

Khurshid Ahmed naats is the most famous and good naats in this naat world you can easily understand and learn his naat so easily

Waheed - Karachi 20 Nov, 2016

Late Khurshid Ahmad and his son both has brilliant voice. Masha Allah this beautiful Hammd 'Khuda Ki Azmatain' is the best Hammd which remind Khurshid Ahmad every time when I listen.

Shan - khi 17 Nov, 2016

this is mine favorite naat 'khuda ki azmatain kiya hain alhaaj khurshid ahmad’ some time whenever I want to listen the naat so I listen it

saood - karachi 16 Nov, 2016

Mine mother listen his naats usually whenever she free for every work so listen it and she has many cadies of naats who is her favorite

junaid - rawalpindi 16 Nov, 2016

Khurshid Ahmed sings many beautiful naats the voice of this person is really attractive you cannot stop yourself to listen his naat

Azmat - Karachi 14 Nov, 2016

Every best naat khuwaan sing this person Khurshid ahmed naats in their milaad because his naats is so brilliant than the other naat khuwaan

Anas - Karachi\ 13 Nov, 2016

Khurshid ahmed naats is most beautiful naats what people like to listen specially the old person who listening him from many times

Rizwan - Karachi 11 Nov, 2016

I have many cedes of the khurshid ahmad naat his naats is very good for listening and many hidden feelings are present in his naats

shahnawaz - pindi 09 Nov, 2016

khurshid ahmad make this naats more beautiful than before I have listened in an milaad I am appreciated him for this work

tania - kohat 09 Nov, 2016

This naat is by Khurshid ahmed is really beautiful after all it comes with Khurshid Ahmed the best naat khuwaan in my history

Saleem - Karachi 07 Nov, 2016

khurshid ahmad naats sings a very beautiful naats which I really love to listen and I am also searching the complete album for her

Waqas - Karachi 07 Nov, 2016

Khurshid Ahmed make it very special for us to listen naats because he just defining every naat with the easiest way where every simple person can understand it

Waqar - Karachi 06 Nov, 2016

Finally get the details of new collections by Khurshid ahmed now I can easily download naats from this page and can listen easily

Uzair - Karachi 03 Nov, 2016

I really like to listen this naat ‘khuda ki azmatain kiya hain alhaaj’. Khurshid ahmad read many beautiful naats specially his this naat is very beautiful

hurain - thatta 02 Nov, 2016

Khurshid Ahmed is best naat Khuwaan finally I confirmed it today I have listened this naat from the other person and he is not sing it with the perfect as Khurshid Ahmed

Wahab - Karachi 01 Nov, 2016

Khurshid ahmed is the good naat khuwaan I just listened his some albums and he is also the better naat khuawaan than the Farhan Ali Qadri

Amjad - Karachi 31 Oct, 2016

Khursihd Ahmed naat is so famous in my family my mostly members love to listen his naats I have many albums of him in CD’s but they are old now so that’s why I am searching for the newest once

Sahir - kaarchi 27 Oct, 2016

I want to download this naat

tanazzuh shakwala - baroda 29 Jan, 2015

It is a good naat

ahmad ashfaq - Sanjar pur 29 Jun, 2013