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Har Juz Ko Kul Kai Sath Hain Bama'na Ittisaal By Khawaja Mir Dard

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Khwaja Meer Dard is a shining star of Urdu poetry. He is one of the three major poets of the Delhi School besides Mir Taqi Mir and Sauda. Meer Dard is considered as the strong pillar of the classical Urdu ghazal. Khwaja Meer Dard video poetry is based on mysticism, human and earthly love. Meer Dard video poetry comprises of ghazals, moreover, his best couplets can be read at both the secular and spiritual levels. Meer Dard video poetry also includes clips of his short ghazals of about seven to nine verses. He possesses simple musical style and his poetry is deeply thought provoking. Meer Dard video poetry also includes extensive Persian work that includes Ilm ul Kitab, a metaphysical work on the philosophy of the Muhammadi path, and the Chahar Risalat.

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