A powerful Slap to Hassan Nisar

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They cant have a good position on media if they don't Bark against ISLAM, MUSLIMS and PAKISTAN.

Bills - Islamabad 25 Sep, 2012

Hassan Nisar Kutte ke Bacche if you have no knowledge then why are talking abt the Muslim Scientist who ware our proud of the Muslim You stupid man sham on you.

Imran - Karachi 15 Sep, 2012

Dear Jazz
European's are not just Masters of Hassan Nisar but also Fathers of him

BHINDER - isllamabad 10 Sep, 2012

Hassan Nisar after watching this report i want spit on your face and knowledge and from here on you have to keep your mouth shut for ever against all genius Muslims (bloody intellectual).hats off to you for this wonderful report.

noor - riyadh 10 Sep, 2012

very nice..Jazz.. you are really jaazzz..

zai - karachi. 27 Aug, 2012

I am very glade some on no sleep.Good work.

Iqbal - Haripur 27 Aug, 2012

Aray bhai ye log kuttay ki dum hayn,ye apne malkon ke kehnay par bhonktay hayn, inko musalmanon se Khuda wastay ka bayr hay,inhay sab baaton ka pata hay,yeh in ki job hay, is baat ki inko pay milti he.in ke dilon par muhar lagi huwi hey

akhunzada - Peshawar 27 Aug, 2012

Hasan Nisar you just want to become more famous like Veena Malik.......

Weak Muslim - Karachi 26 Aug, 2012