Machli Jal Ki Rani Hai - Urdu Poem For Nursery Kids

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My little baby feel much happy to watch the animated poems video. On this page of I browse 'Machli Jall Ki Rani Hai', this poem is very popular.

ammara - khi 17 May, 2016

My daughter loves to listen and watch Machli Jal ki Rani Hai poem. She learnt to sing it from this page and now she humss it all the day long. It keeps her busy. Thank you for posting it here.

Wahida - Karachi 11 May, 2016

Love this nursery poem, and this video posted here is definatley eye catching and mind grabbing. Loved it to the core. Graphics are perfect and video does not stop for even a minute.

Emran - Karachi 06 May, 2016

Since childhood we listen 'Machli jal ki rani hai' but now this poem is an animated form. My baby daughter love to see this animated video poem which I browse on this page.

ghazal - khi 30 Apr, 2016

For the Kids is also make an important role, where animated poems as well religious things which is also related for the kids are available on this page.

deeba - khi 26 Apr, 2016

Machli Jal ki Rani Hai is truly an incredible poem and its video posted here have perfect picture quality that can grab the interest of the little ones. I can make my son sit for long and watch it while I work in the kitchen

Kiran - Karachi 25 Apr, 2016

Machli Jal Ki Rani Hai is my favorite poem. I used to listen to it and recite it with my little daughter. Now I found a video link of this amazing nursery Rhyme and will surely listen and watch it with my daughter. I hope she will love it too

Parveen - Lahore 23 Apr, 2016

My little son loves this nursery poem Machli Jal Ki Rani Hai. I just showed him this video and he was all spell bound on its graphics and picture quality. Thank you for sharing it here. I have bookmarked it for future

Yasmeen - Karachi 22 Apr, 2016

I have shown this video Machli Jal Ki Rani Hai to my younger sibling and cousin's daughter and they all loved it to the core. I am excited to see this amazing video poem. Kids love it to the core

Akbar - Lahore 20 Apr, 2016


Shaguftazafar - Peshawar 14 Apr, 2016

The animated poem is such a helpful idea for the children. My baby daughter is also success to learn many things with the help of videos.

mareena - khi 08 Feb, 2016

Yes animated poem is very helpful for the kids specially for the learning purpose. My daughter is also listen the rhyming alphabets.

kaleem - khi 05 Feb, 2016

My daughter always enjoy this animated poem that is why I browse this poem in my smart phone, Machli jall ki rani hai is a very lovely video.

zara - khi 03 Feb, 2016

This poem is good for the nursery kids, the animation and colorful fishes make it attractive which children like to watch.

kinza - khi 03 Feb, 2016

My baby daughter is also feel happy to watch machli jall ki rani hai, it’s a very lovely poem in this site specially for the kids.

atif - khi 01 Feb, 2016

For the kids this poem is very helpful as well it is also a helpful tool for the nursery kids, it is very easy to develop the learning ability.

hassan - khi 29 Jan, 2016

I love to watch this animated poem video in this site, my daughter is also like this such a lovely video and also sing like this way.

ali - khi 29 Jan, 2016

Machli jall ki rani hai is a very famous poem which every one read in the childhood, I remembered when I played with my friends.

sana - khi 27 Jan, 2016

This poem is very lovely, my all the kids like the video of this animated poem, it is very helpful tool to learn the poems.

waqar - khi 26 Jan, 2016

Many times I watch the animated video of this poem in this site, there is an only poem is available in this site, kindly upload some more.

ghazal - multan 25 Jan, 2016

I am very happy when I see this video in this site because with the help of this site I am success to get the right way of keep my child quiet.

fiza - lhr 24 Jan, 2016

Please include some more poems in this site because it is the good portal for the children, my daughter is also enjoy this portal.

shabeer - khi 23 Jan, 2016

For the nursery kids, this animated video is a great gift because I noted that the kids really like animation or cartoon, it is good to learn.

Dami - khi 22 Jan, 2016

Many times I played this game with my friends when I was a child, once again I got remembered my childhood when I watch this animated video.

sharmeela - khi 20 Jan, 2016

For the nursery kids, this video of is very helpful. I like to see this video in which my daughter is also taking interest. This is such a helpful for the learning.

zia - khi 19 Jan, 2016

In my smart phone, many of the animated poems are available which my daughter really enjoy but I don’t have Machli Jall Ki Rani Hai which I browse in this site.

talha - khi 18 Jan, 2016

wow! This poem looking more good in the lovely colorful fishes, my kids feel happy to watch this video, I really like to see my daughter busy in this video.

habiba - khi 17 Jan, 2016

My daughter is also like this video because the animation make it very attractive, I browse it in my smart phone where my daughter watch it.

hira - khi 15 Jan, 2016

Kindly include some more beautiful animated poems in this portal which every kids really like and enjoy the poems with lovely animation.

sharjeel - multan 14 Jan, 2016

wow! This poem is very lovely specially I like the animated video of this video which make it more interesting because kids like to watch the animation.

nageen - khi 13 Jan, 2016

My younger sister is just two years old, she also sing this poem when she watch this lovely video of the poem "Machli Jall Ki rani hai", she is very cute.

beenish - multan 12 Jan, 2016

Many of the kids are also feel happy to watch the fishes and other pets, my daughter is also like this animated poem as well she watch baby TV.

sana - khi 11 Jan, 2016

When my daughter mood is out of control I just browse this lovely animated poem in this site, she really feel happy to watch the fishes in it.

saba - khi 11 Jan, 2016

Many times I try to watch the complete animation of this lovely poem "Machli jall ki rani hai" but due to the slow streaming I couldn’t succeed.

mehnaz - khi 09 Jan, 2016

I am very happy to see my baby because she really enjoy this animated poem "Machli Jall ki Rani hai", I have also another poem in my phone.

nusrat - khi 08 Jan, 2016

When I was a child I also played Machli Jall Ki Rani Hai with my friends, after watching this video I memorize once again my childhood.

nageena - khi 06 Jan, 2016

To teach the kids this video is quiet better in which the children take much interest, my daughter is also watch the animated video of this lovely poem.

zeeba - khi 05 Jan, 2016

Can you tell me about the way how to download this video in my smart phone, my baby is very eager to watch this lovely poem that is why I need to download.

aneela - lhr 04 Jan, 2016

Machli jall ki rani hai is the most loving poem which is still famous, my daughter also like this poem and singing it in the same way.

neelam - lhr 03 Jan, 2016

The streaming of this poem for the kids is very slow that is why I have to pause it for a long time when my kid want to watch the video clip.

sara - khi 01 Jan, 2016

wow! This animated poem is the favorite poem of my child, every time he wants to listen it because he also like colorful fishes, such a lovely video.

Talib - khi 01 Jan, 2016

Can you tell me the portal name where I watch more poems because it is a very helpful tool for the children to learn poems.

muneeb - lhr 30 Dec, 2015

How lovely video of my favorite poem ever which I like most, I want to download this video but I don’t know the way in which I can download.

Nabeel - lhr 29 Dec, 2015

when I listen this poem I got remembered my childhood but it was very difficult to learn it, now the animation make it more easy for the kids of nursery class.

afiya - lhr 28 Dec, 2015


gull - gujrat 28 Dec, 2015

Many of the english poems are also animated which I see from the other resource which I want to watch in this site because my all the children like this portal.

anam - khi 27 Dec, 2015

Usually I browse this poem when I couldn’t success to keep calm to my duaghter, she really feel happy to watch this such a lovely animated poem.

emaan - khi 25 Dec, 2015

The streaming of this animated poem is not working properly because it take much time in the browsing, this is the only issue to watch this video.

wajeeha - multan 22 Dec, 2015

It’s a very good idea to make an animated videos because kids really like this video which helps to learn it easily.

anam - khi 21 Dec, 2015

Please include some more animated poems in this site because my daughter like this portal specially she enjoy Machli jall ki rani hai video poem.

kainat - multan 20 Dec, 2015

This animation is very helpful to learn the poems easily, my daughter is just three years old but she learn it completely due to this site.

hajira - khi 18 Dec, 2015

The new animation of Machli jall ki rani hai is also good which I want to download but couldn’t success, kindly help me to download it.

ulfat - multan 17 Dec, 2015

When I was a kid I sung Machli Jal ki Rani hai with my all friends, when I listen this poem in this site with animation I remembered the same moment which I enjoyed in the past, I like it.

suhana - khi 12 Nov, 2015

My little daughter loves this video of Machli Jal ki Rani Hai poem posted online on this page. Thank you for sharing this amazing video here

Zarmine - Peshawar 09 Nov, 2015

I found this amazing MACHLI JAL KI RANI HAI - URDU POEM FOR NURSERY KIDS on this page. I simply love to watch it more than listening to it. Amazing graphics of this one! Bravo to HamariWeb for posting it.

Tina - Karachi 04 Nov, 2015

I love to listen to this poem from my mother but now I can show the video along with audio of this poem to my son at bed time. Thank you for sharing the video link here

Javeria - Islamabad 03 Nov, 2015

This poem I used to listen or read in my school life. I still remember this poem and I hope that other Urdu poems that I used to listen in my childhood will also upload here.

Samreena - Karachi 12 Oct, 2015

These school rhymes are interesting no matter how much you grow you still feel small or childish when you see such type of videos.

Zain - Loralai 09 Oct, 2015

My little daughter loves to listen to this poem again and again. I am a huge fan of your page and thank you for sharing Machli Jal ki Rani Hai here.The video quality is awesome

Uzma - Karachi 30 Sep, 2015

These are those types of Poem which we listen in our childhood life and unfortunately all these poems are still included in the syllabus of prep I and II.

Zameer - Karachi 28 Sep, 2015

This is such an oldest poem, i also read this poem in my childhood but feel very happy to see the video of it.

mashood - khi 27 Feb, 2015

Hi maheen u can easily download this poem.. U just go to the poem screen up down arrow for full screen after full image seen u then press screen for 2sec u will saw u a massage that SAVE VEDIO u can prees this box & wait until download the poem.. I hope so u can understood it..if yes kindly remember me in your prayers bye

RANA - karachi 10 Feb, 2015

some times when my children irritate me i use this site and browse this poem, it is good for making quite for the children.

anabea - khi 25 Jan, 2015

Usually i listen this poem online because i dont know how can i download it from this site? My children wants to listen it daily.

maheen - khi 08 Jan, 2015