AFRIDI Cattle Farm 2014 Cow Run Away

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Hahahaha thank Got they hold the cow other wise the cow was soo strong she could run away

Niana - Karachi 01 Oct, 2014

I also want to share my cow running video but my cow does not belongs to any farm like Afridi Cattle Farm my cow is local

Ali - Karachi 26 Sep, 2014

Where is shahid afridi now a days i would like to see shahid afridi video with his bull i think he also buys cows from his own shahid afridi cattle farm

Rohan - Karachi 25 Sep, 2014

Afridi is my favorite cricket player so i will buy a cow from Afridi Cattle Farm 2014 so that i can help him indirectly

Assad - Karachi 23 Sep, 2014

My mom was very scared when cow in our apartment run like this Afridi Cattle Farm 2014 cow is running ...

Arshad - Karachi 22 Sep, 2014

Such a powerful bull by afridi cattle farm, my cousin told me this bull was run from one block to another block. He also made a video.

kamran - khi 20 Sep, 2014

HAahh it happens because of silly people of Pakistan they confuse the cow at time of grounding this is why i hate Karachi and pakistani people... Sorry Afridi Cattle Farm 2014 cow you have to face this all

Arshad - Karachi 20 Sep, 2014

Where is Afridi Cattle Farm is situated i want to visit that farm.? is it Shahid Afridi's cattle farm nor its just a name Afridi? Please answer my question I am going to Visit Cow mandi this weekend so i will visit AFRIDI Cattle Farm 2014 as well

Shahid - Karachi 19 Sep, 2014

I was there in AFRIDI Cattle Farm when this cow run away, the cow was very huge and healthy she was very innocent she just got afraid of crowed and noise of people standing over there.

Khan - Karachi 17 Sep, 2014