Al-Rehman Cattle Farm "BADSHAH"

Rocking Star Oct 15, 2013 5559 Views

Category: Pakistan

A small video clip of a beautiful black and white bull. Al-Rehman cattle farm is one that has all types of great cows. This is the video of adorable bull which is the king of Mandi. Must watch.

Watch video of Al-Rehman Cattle Farm "BADSHAH" submitted by Rocking Star on Oct 15, 2013. This video of Al-Rehman Cattle Farm "BADSHAH" has total 5559 (five thousand five hundred and fifty-nine) Views on Al-Rehman Cattle Farm "BADSHAH".


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We Won't Give It Back

By sabir On 25 Aug, 2014 form khi

Badshah is look like an australian cow but i see humb in the top , i think this breed is a cross of desi and australian cow.

We Won't Give It Back

By ali On 21 Aug, 2014 form karachi

All the cows of Al rehman cattle farm are so beautiful and very heavy. Last time i also bought a bull which was just like black and white cow.

We Won't Give It Back

By asim On 16 Oct, 2013 form karachi

very beautiful badshah badshah oh badshah