Bara Dushman Bana Phirta Hai - A Tribute to Peshawar School Vic..

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We never forget the martyrdom of APS Attacked 2014, on the second anniversary of this attack we make proud to Pak Army and other forces because they did great sacrifices to get rid from all the terrorist activities.

abbas - khi 15 Dec, 2016

Such a great tribute for the martyrdom of APS but if we fight together with unity and patience for the terrorism till the end of it.

shayan - khi 16 Dec, 2015

Khafa na Hona Maa,
Ghar se Nikla tha Ilm Hasil kerny

Ferishton k paron pe Chalty chalty,
Allah Tak Pohanch Gaya..!

From Students Of Peshawar....

mareena - khi 16 Dec, 2015

I also give the tribute to all the victims in peshawar attack, I think fighting the enemies till the end is a great tribute of the martyrdom.

ashraf - multan 15 Dec, 2015

Please add the video song of the latest version of Bara dushman bana phirta hai, I just listen one time in the TV, I want to watch with video in this site.

ayeza - khi 13 Dec, 2015

We should offer Quran Khuwani and prays in the schools for the blessings of the victims of the martyrdom in peshawar attack on the anniversary occasion.

hassan - multan 11 Dec, 2015

I all deeply sadden to recall the stories of children that we lost an year back. I cant really believe that someone can actually kill the children insanely brutally.. They dont have a heart at all. Bara Dushman song is a huge tribute to all the Shaheeds!

Dawood - Karachi 11 Dec, 2015

We also need some awareness regarding this type of terrorists activities, what should teachers and the students do when this type of activities happen in the schools.

sabeer - lhr 10 Dec, 2015

After a long time we listen the naghma which poetries give us the power to fight against the enemies as well create an important role to be united like a nation.

fatima - khi 09 Dec, 2015

16 Dec will about to come, this day did an important role to be united like a nation against the terrorism, after this incident all our government made better plan to get rid of terrorism.

fawad - lhr 08 Dec, 2015

This naghma helps to encourage this nation to stay together, be united with Pak Army because our security sectors sacrifices every thing for this nation.

imtiaz - khi 07 Dec, 2015

We should respect all the forces in pakistan who are doing an important role for our protection, we all behind with all the forces, specially with all the martyrdom of Pakistan.

fareen - khi 06 Dec, 2015

My heart goes out to those 144 families who lost their loved ones in this sort of brutal terrorism. I am glad that all the culprits have been brought to justice. May Allah give patience to the families of Shuhdah!

Naseem - Peshawar 06 Dec, 2015

We are still with all the martyrdom in Peshawar incident, may God rest in the peace of all the souls of the victims in this incident and all those who lose their life in terrorists attack.

maryam - lhr 03 Dec, 2015

Once again the terrorists attacks our defense forces, its a time to be united with our forces, this milli naghma is also a great tribute to the victims for those sacrifice their life in our nation.

tahir - khi 02 Dec, 2015

It’s a great idea to give the tribute of the martyrdom of the nations, I specially remember a lady pilot Maryam Mukhtar because she recently loss her life just for the sake of our nation.

ijaz - khi 02 Dec, 2015

When I listen this national song I got remembered the victims of peshawar attack, may Allah rest the soul in the piece of all the victims and protect our children into this type of incidents. (Ameen)

samra - khi 02 Dec, 2015

This song makes me cry every time I listen to it. The soul of the song saddens me and I recall the terrible APS school incident that seems like a night mare. May Allah protect our children and country.

Qasim - Peshawar 20 Nov, 2015

I want to know that who is the writer of this beautiful poem which many children read the schools daily in the morning, it such a great motivational poem which give us a great courage.

hina - khi 12 Nov, 2015

I love this patriotic song as it revives the sad memories of APS incident! The spirit of patriotism and bravery never dies. Dedicated to all the brave children of Pakistan

Qayuum - Peshawar 09 Nov, 2015

This patriotic song is beyond imagination! Have no words to describe the sentiments of love, courage, and bravery that strikes me at a time when ever I listen to this song Bara Dushman Bana Phirta Hai

Quratulain - Hyderabad 04 Nov, 2015

This song brings tears to my eyes when I actually recall the Peshawar incident. Thank you for making and sharing such motivational songs for our generation

Qasim - Peshawar 03 Nov, 2015

One of the worst incidents of Pakistan's history that united all nation at a one place. My prayers are with the ones who lost their loved ones in such kind of war issues.

Farheen - Karachi 12 Oct, 2015

Simply love the composition of this beautiful patriotic song. A heartly tribute to the victims of Peshawar school incident. I m proud of the bravery of these young children of my nation

Aliya - Karachi 10 Oct, 2015

The audio and video of this patriotic song is truly amazing. I love the beat, composition and lyrics of this national song. Bara Dushman Bana Phirta Hai has a special feeling attached to it.

Quratulain - Karachi 09 Oct, 2015

Whenever I watched this video I remember that time when I heard the news of Peshawar school Attack. It was the worst incident of Pakistan's history.

Sonia - Lahore 09 Oct, 2015

Simply love the song as it revives the spirit of patriotism and bravery. I would like to dedicate this song to our brave army men and the parents of the victims of terrorism. God Bless Pakistan.

Faraz Anwer - Karachi 30 Sep, 2015

It is one of the heart-breaking incidents in the history of Pakistan in which innocent children lost their lives and mother lost their children. This incident made everyone speechless and left them broken.

Waheed - Karachi 28 Sep, 2015

My heart still aches whenever I think about the incident of Peshawar attack. Those children lost their lives and mothers lost their children. Such a heartbreaking incident it is in the history of Pakistan.

Zaid - Karachi 28 Sep, 2015

This is very motivational song dedicated to the little sweethearts the ones who lost their lives in the Peshawar attack.

Farhan - Karachi 22 Sep, 2015

when ever i heard this song i remember the whole instant happen in school. please stop doing who ever is doing this. thanks to our army they are doing fantastic work to save our life's.

shahaib - karachi 14 Sep, 2015

i am sad because it

nadeem ahmed - lahore 25 Feb, 2015

so sad

ch farrukh - seri 17 Feb, 2015

Hamain Tum Par Fakhar Hay Hmaray Bacho. Tumhari Shadat aur Tumhari Istaqamat Pakistan ki Salamti Ki Zamanat Ban Gay Hay.
Ham Tumhain Salam Paesh Kartay Hain Aur Allah Ta`ala Ki Bargah Main Tumharay Liyae Dua Go Hain. Allah Ta`ala Pakistan Ko Ta`a Qayamat Salamat Rakhay.(Aameen)

Syed Shahid Ali (PAKISTAN FALAH PARTY) - KArachi 08 Feb, 2015



I like this song best and beautiful

Khalid khan - swabi 15 Jan, 2015