Dangerous Cow Qurbani

Aalia Khan Oct 03, 2013 50982 Views

Category: Pakistan

A short clip of Dangerous cow qurbani video. This cow is looking very dangerous and angry, she wants to run away but the butchers are very clever. It's an amazing clip of world's best butchers. Must watch. lets see who would be dangerous cow qurbani 2015. For more Qurbani Videos do visit us.
Watch video of Dangerous Cow Qurbani submitted by Aalia Khan on Oct 03, 2013. This video of Dangerous Cow Qurbani has total 50982 (fifty thousand nine hundred and eighty-two) Views on Dangerous Cow Qurbani.


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We Won't Give It Back

By fariha On 15 Sep, 2016 form karachi

On this Eid I saw the very dangerous and angry cow who injured the butcher between the Qurbani I am very scared when I remember this moment

We Won't Give It Back

By abdul On 06 Sep, 2016 form karachi

In this photo the cow is looking very pretty but it is very dangerous for any one before someday I saw the same type of this bull near my home

We Won't Give It Back

By Shabbir On 04 Sep, 2016 form Karachi

This cow is very interesting I am very eager to saw this type of cows please give me more videos on this page I want more videos for Qurbani angry bull

We Won't Give It Back

By Abbas On 30 Aug, 2016 form Karachi

what an amazing video this is must with every cow immolation you see every year this type of cases as this video