Jinnah Cattle Farm 2013 At Mandi

Added by Jazz on Oct 01, 2013 7666 Views


The cattle farm are very expensive this year I don’t know why but there rates are not reasonable this year I am really fed up with Jinnah cattle farm

Umer - Karachi 01 Sep, 2016

Jinnah cattle farm is my favorite cattle farm in in many farms on Mandi because they have very beautiful cows for immolation

Navaid - Karachi 30 Aug, 2016

As I compare the animals from last year the animal was not so beautiful in Jinnah cattle farm if you guys remember the last year animals of this Cattle farm

Ather - Karachi 28 Aug, 2016

who made this video of Jinnah Cattle Farm? please at least hold the camera properly.. too much jerking and sound noise in background

Baber - khi 05 Sep, 2015

Jinnah Cattle Farm is one of my favorite farm we have purchased many cows from their farm in past years and this year we are also planning to buy cow from Jinnah Cattle Farm.

Farhan - Khi 24 Aug, 2015

Usually i sacrifice two teeth cow but i did not saw two teeth animals in Jinnah cattle farm, they all are looking too much old.

jahangir - khi 25 Aug, 2014

Last time i got visit two times in jinnah cattle farm because i want to buy this beautiful brown bull of this farm but some body bought this bull.

khurram - karachi 21 Aug, 2014