Surmawala Cattle Farm cows 2015

Added by Jazz on Sep 05, 2014 14430 Views


Surmanwala cattle farm is also famous due to its unique breeds, In 2k15 I like the black color bull which have golden strips like zebra, it look beautiful. I want to know that there is some special name in this breed?

razi - khi 08 Sep, 2015

Last year I saw a black beauty in the farm of surmanwala which was not much in the height but very heavy, this year I could not visit yet in the mandi, may be I will go tomorrow to see all the animals.

abdul baseer - khi 06 Sep, 2015

Is this cow from Surmawala Cattle Farm is ill, why the stomach area is soo big that she can not even walk her legs are very small i think she may fall or get injury in leg

Masoom - khi 05 Sep, 2015

Indeed Surmawala Cattle Farm is one of the best cattle farms in Pakistan. Their animals are even available in affordable price.

Ahad - Lahore 29 Aug, 2015

surmawala cattle farm is best cattle farm of Karachi i will miss everything because its my last bakra eid here and next bakra eid would be in Dubai i wish surmawala cattle farm would be in dubai too

Danish - Karachi 30 Sep, 2014

I love Full Black shinny Cow... today we are going to see the cows in surmawala cattle farm 2014 lets see if i found one like this i would not wait a second to buy it... although black color is my favorite so this year i will slaughter black cow

Dilshad - Karachi 23 Sep, 2014

This time all the cows by surmanwala are just same size, i cannot watch any special bull or cow which look different from the other.

arif - khi 20 Sep, 2014