Do Not Criticize Us INDIA, First Look in ur domain

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Mr. Syed Abbas u r totaly wrong O.K. or mera khyal hy k aap taliban k beech main zayada bethty ho isi liya un ki hi side ly rahy ho. Ager mera bas chaly to main taliban ko zinda jaladon, ya woh hal keron jo koi kutte ka bhi nahin kerta .... in talibanon ny kabhi kisi Pub main ya kisi burai k ady per to attack nahin kia.. in ko masajid or social areas hi milty hain attacks k liya... ager aap baat kerty hona afghan taliban ki to woh apny aap ko americans sy bachany k liya kutte ki terha dorty hain or Pakistan bhaag aty hain, Q k jab kutte ki moot ati hy to woh sheher ki terf dorta hy.. I m not taking the side of america. America is most cruel and inhuman than the taliban, both of them must be finished. America is the international criminal and international evil. <(_l_)l sy dua hy k woh america ki zameen ko bhi ultady apny azab sy, ya us k bury hukmaranon ko nestonabot kerdy.......~!

Haider Abbas - Multan 25 Nov, 2010

indian media say good ......we are evils.......dont u think

adil - lahore 05 Sep, 2010

we shouldn't think ourselves as some superior nation,brutal persons can be found everywhere as we are part of this system,such cruel people have no notions of morality.

sh:Imran adv - DIKhan 04 Sep, 2010

ھماری ویب مجمے بہت پسند ھے

Muhammad Shoaib - muridke 03 Sep, 2010

thanks u have shown the world that we are not a crual. there is crual in every society, if that is pakistan or india or somewhere in america or western society. do not blam the taliban. in there time thay have the peace, which was appriciated by the whole world. they were blamed just because they were the animy of AMERICA. there image was ruined by the jewish media. they have made the fack videos just to show there cruality to the world. those who were near to taliban, they better about them, i am talking about Afghan taliban.

Syed Abbas - Quetta 02 Sep, 2010

ظلم ظلم ھے چاھے وہ انڈیا میں ھو یا پاکستان میں۔ ظالم وھاں بھی کم نھیں ھیں اور یھاں بھی۔ پھر کیا مقابلے بازی کرنی کہ ھم کم ظالم ھیں اور وہ بڑے ظالم ھیں۔

habib - voronezh, Russia 02 Sep, 2010