Imran Khan interview at Karachi Airport 7 May 2013

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Imran khan ka sth 2 r naya pakistan banalo jaha sub ko rozgar mile r puraman mahol banay i love pti awais gilgit astore

Awais mehboob - Gilgit astore 13 May, 2013

Assalaam-o-Alaikum Imran Khan all hats off to you.

I am one of the many PTI voters who came to karachi from Dubai just to cast his vote for PTI candidate. It took me 4.5 hours to finally successfully cast my vote in NA250 Zamzama Boys school polling station.

While standing in mile long queue I found out that 99.99% of the people were voting for PTI. Such was PTI's impact that all other parties started rigging the constituency NA250. Whole nation is witnessed that NA250's Phase 4 polling station did not even receive ballot papers just because these parties with their hooliganism disrupted the process.

Nevertheless, Imran our spirits our high because we saw frightfulness and desperation in the eyes of these cowardly group of armed faction that has held karachi captive for a long time.

My only appeal to you is that do something that will make us (sindhi, punjabi, balochi, pathan, urdu speaking, parsis, hindus, christians and others) unite forever as we were united in voting for PTI on the election day.

voter_for liberty Against_terrorism

PTI_VOTER - Karachi 12 May, 2013

amran khan jety ya nawaz sharief leken mulk ke balai k ly suchy aur pakistan ko pakistan bany na ky dhumakistan

Noorsaid khan - peshawar 11 May, 2013

logo pti k wo do nawaz or nay phaly b kuch nahi kia or ab b nhai kary ga

rana sajjad - lahore 07 May, 2013