mushraf vs student

mushraf vs student
Watch video of mushraf vs student submitted by zeeshan on Feb 20, 2011. This video of mushraf vs student has total 5140 (five thousand one hundred and forty) Views on mushraf vs student.

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zeeshan  |  Feb 20, 2011  |  5140 Views

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جابر حکمران کے سامنے کلمہ حق کہنا بھی جہاد ھے۔۔۔خوش کیا ہے مولانا عدنان کاکا خیل

  • By a, Form FAISALABAD
  • On 21 Feb, 2011

Assalamu Alaikum.. Dear Brother Akbar Ali yes you are right that's a point think about coz those who are in leading positions are thinking now the have got the power so they will do as they want ...they have to be answered in front of ALLAAH Subhana'o Ta'ala on the day of judgment about there whole life... May ALLAAH Subhana'o Ta'ala give Hidayat to me and whole Umma "Ameen" Wassalaam..

  • By Nauman, Form Doha
  • On 21 Feb, 2011

V Nice

  • By Naeem Akhter , Form Doha Qatar
  • On 21 Feb, 2011

what a Nice speach indeed...hamein aisay hi Nojawan chahyein... zabardast... Magar Musharraf aaj k Hukmarano se to acha hi tha.

  • By SYED KASHIF ZAHOOR, Form Multan
  • On 21 Feb, 2011