PTI 23rd March Lahore Jalsa Live

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after hearing his jalsa....a person will be a fool to vote for Nawaz shariff instead of The Great Khan.!!!
Imran Khan we are with u :)

Haseeb - lahore 23 Mar, 2013

I would like to believe in this can tell the difference when someone means what he says, this was definitely a feel good moment

Anonymous - Lahore City 23 Mar, 2013

Well I myself think that Imran Khan can bring change or at east he could work as the one who spearheaded the change in the country. He could cope with corruption, malfunctioning, dirty politics etc etc but would he be able to control the ever growing moral corruption and the lack of will among the masses to return to the life in accordance with the religion on whose name this country was created without forgetting those hundreds and thousands of people sacrificed everything.

I wish him all the best!

Shahbaz - Bradford 23 Mar, 2013

The only party in Pakistan which cares for Pakistanis, unlike other parties cares for their families....
the only best option now is PTI ,,, inshaAllah PTI will wn

Zia Khan - currently Dubai 23 Mar, 2013

I think Imran Khan has Two big drawbacks ( If he control these two, he might be in a position to deliver (1) stop supporting Talibanization & Radicalization (2) stop Malitary Establishment because in the past he was ally of Mr.Mushtarraf as supported in the referendum & clear contacts with Mr.Pasha (Ex-ISI Chief). As per my opinion in 2013 election if he win 30-40 NA Seats. This will be huge success for him. Personally I think he can deliver If he got the chance.

Saeed Sultan Khan - UAE. 23 Mar, 2013

Imran Khan got a delightful personality due to his dignity, trustworthiness and patriotism. Next time Inshallah PTI will categorically going to be win the election 2013. PTI is the only political party which we have not been tested yet, but hope for the best, that’s why I going to vote it this election. I also request the nation to must be present at his Lahore jalsa at Minar e Pakistan on 23rd March to save Pakistan’s future and get rid you from these corrupt politicians.

Hafiz Abdul Jabbar - Karachi 23 Mar, 2013