PTI the group of liers

syed abbas Mar 28, 2012 2062 Views

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Watch video of PTI the group of liers submitted by syed abbas on Mar 28, 2012. This video of PTI the group of liers has total 2062 (two thousand and sixty-two) Views on PTI the group of liers.


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We Won't Give It Back

By shahid On 04 Apr, 2012 form abu dhabi

bechari ke pass kuch b ni hai.. so sad..1700 Kinal k ghar mein rehtye hoye b...?

We Won't Give It Back

By Malik Mushtaq Hussain Awan On 04 Apr, 2012 form Jhelum

PTI spokesman has presented a list of property regarding Nawaz Sharif's family. Maryam Nawaz Sharidf denied and said that this list is bogus and Nawaz Sharif family has no concern with this property. The best way to reach to the truth is that both the parties should submit affidavit about this. PTI spokesman should mention in his affidavit that the lists are true and original copies can be produced on demand. On the other hand Nawaz Sharif family should mention in their affidavit that their family has no concern with this property and if it proved be their at any stage then this property be transferred to the Nation. The PTI spokesman should go to court with both the affidavits and prove his statement there. In any case if Nawaz Sharif family shows reluctance to give such affidavit, then it is clear that there is something wrong at the bottom. On the other hand if PTO spokesman shows any reluctance in this field he should be charged accordingly. Action be initiated by the TV Talk Show authorities to produce trith before the nation other wise it will be though that such TV Talk shows are promoting baseless idea and are of no value for the nation.