Yousaf Raza Gilani Stands Disqualified He is No More Prime Mini..

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I think this will be good for the people but I hope the new comming govt make it a better country for the people I am not a pakistani but I visit Pakistan every year the country was very good before but now even there is no light nor water, when this country is a newclare weapon country why are the people do not have light, how can the govt be this cruel to its own people

Shallina - USA 22 Jun, 2012

pakistanio allah ka lakh lakh shuhar karo k tum ko allah nay ak emandar adil deya hay
lakin humay bhi apni gultion ko theek karna ho ga allha humsab ko hadait da

IMTIAZ - malakwal mb din 20 Jun, 2012

what arsalan and related person are cleared?
15 May story hiden?
what ch j s/court are white?

karachi - karachi 20 Jun, 2012

Dear Aftab Sahi sb, I salute you becoz being a pro PPP, I think you are the first person who accept this decision openly, otherwise I have a good number of PPP friends including my first Paternal cousin, he is unhappy abut this decision, but I think it is good for Pakistan, enough is enough, please dua that Pakistan will come out safely...
truly dr mansoor

Dr Mansoor Ansari - London UK 19 Jun, 2012

This is right descision by superume court. During the tenure of this Govt pakitan is facing severe problems & crises like law & order situation, dearness, electrical power, kidnap, looting etc.
But we are out of the country and so much vorried about the future of our country, our family.
I hope any responsible Govt will come and we will be devoliped as civilized nation like other nations and our all problems will be solved one by one.

Abdul Ghaffar Nayyar - Jeddah KSA. 19 Jun, 2012

go kaminay go kaminay ub zardari ko b hatao

honey - karachi 19 Jun, 2012

he should go by the way it is good for him i tjink

M.Arif Danish - Gilgit Baltistan 19 Jun, 2012

i m by birth with ppp and now 42 years ols.i sport SUPREME COURT.Good decision. since previous decision he should resign.let him disqualified for election as well.i happy so happy.and i belong Lalamusa from where kaira is.but living in manchester UK

Aftab sahi - Lalamusa,Manchester both cities 19 Jun, 2012

Great Great Dicision from Supreme Court.

Azhar - KHK 19 Jun, 2012