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Sahir Ludhianvi is one of the most renowned poets of Urdu. He was born as Abdul Hayee grown up to be the film lyricist and poet of India. Sahir Ludhianvi poetry was different from his generation. His poetry does not revolve around God, beauty, or Wine. His poetry lyrics depict the sensitive issues about the declining values of society, war and politics, and the domination of money over love. Sahir Ludhianvi video poetry comprises of love songs, with a touch of sorrow that attracts various listeners. If u listens to Sahir Ludhianvi video poetry carefully, you will find stories like soldier gone to fight someone else's war, farmer crushed by debt, youth frustrated on unemployment, and the woman forced to sell her body etc.

Sahir Ludhianvi video poetry seems similar to ‘Faizian’ quality. He gave Urdu poetry an intellectual element that caught the imagination of the youth and reflected the feelings of the people. Sahir inked the incident of arrest of progressive writers in Pakistan; the launch of the satellite Sputnik etc. He wrote Kahat-e-Bangal, Subah-e-Navroz, Talkhiyan, Jaag Uthe Khuwab Kai, Sahir Rachnawali, Sahir Ludhianvi aur Unki Shahiri. He wrote lyrics for various Bollywood movies and even won Film Fare and Padma Shiri.