Yusuf Labib - Ya Allahu Ya Rahman

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zareen - Karachi 29 Dec, 2016

I prefer this site to listen the naat of every naat khwaan because there are every naat khwaan naats are available what you want

navira - karachi 17 Dec, 2016

sami yusuf amazing naat kawan is well known in every corner of asia and this might be due to his melodious voice and an spectacular way of expressing his love towards Allah and prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H).

laiba - faislabad 16 Dec, 2016

No it is not looking HD because I have seen the real video of this naat ion HD and it looks too different than the HD standard

Nadeem - Karachi 16 Dec, 2016

yusuf labib ya allahu ya rahman is the most popular naat recited by sami yusuf who is the most famous naat kahawan in Pakistan and sub continent.

baber - rabigh 14 Dec, 2016

This is the most popular naat of sami yusuf ‘labib ya Allah ya Rehman’ I have seen the many peoples to listen this naat

safina - lahore 13 Dec, 2016

Sami Yousuf naat is awesome I have listen his naats and also read the lyrics of his naats because the words he use in his naats is not so easy to read

Akram - Karachi 12 Dec, 2016

Many times I listen this naat by this site because this is mine most favorite naat and usually I lien it by this site

shanza - pindi 09 Dec, 2016

he is so Humble. My ulmost desire to met him. Allah Kareem give him a long and healthy life and give me a chance to met him..

aqsa - haydrabad 09 Dec, 2016

I have many collection of yusuf raza naat collection and this is his also very beautiful naat ‘ya labib ya Allahu ya rehman’

alishba - karachi 07 Dec, 2016

Ya Allah Ya Rehman naat is my favorite naaat I used to recite this naat in every mehfil E Milaad before starting the any naat

Majeed - Karachi 07 Dec, 2016

I use to play the Naats in my smartphone and with the help of this website I can easily play it In my smartphone with the most famous albums experience

Bilal - Karachi 06 Dec, 2016

I use to sings his naats in every milaad because it gives me the best voice and the best pronounce of every word thanks for sami yusauf

hunain - karachi 05 Dec, 2016

This naats have foreign type of feelings what I cannot easily define ‘labib ya allahu ya rehman’ by sami yusuf listen it alone quietly

laiba - karachi 05 Dec, 2016

sami yusuf also sing many songs. His voice is so attractive . I love his this naat “yusuf Lbib ya allah u ya rehmaan.

sania - rabigh 01 Dec, 2016

I want the new collection of Sami Yousuf Naat Aat this page please add there the best 2016 collection of Sami Yousuf naat

Samad - Karachi 01 Dec, 2016

Mehfil Milaad is beautiful I like to attend every Mehfil E Milaad whenever I have seen any milaad I firstly go there

Aqdas - Karachi 29 Nov, 2016

Sami Yusuf is the very nice poet his many poetries I really like and I also read that sometimes because in his poetries has many beautiful hidden words which I really like to read

shanza - hydrabad 28 Nov, 2016

First time I see this site which give us the beautiful naats otherwise before I found the naat of the many site but they all are I can’t found

Ashfaaq - lahore 27 Nov, 2016

Tese are the true best collections of Sami Yousuf naats where you cannot ignore it and want to watch it again

Yahya - Karachi 27 Nov, 2016

He have I very sweet voice which he use that to read the beautiful naats and his many naats I listen that and this is the beautiful one ‘yusauf labib ya rahman’

shazma - lahore 25 Nov, 2016

The Huge amount of Sami Yousuf Labib naats is available there so kindly if you are listening his naats at this page so share it with your friends

Tanveer - kAR 24 Nov, 2016

This naat Ya Allah Hu Ya Rehman by Yousuf Labib touched my heart deeply I love this amazing naat and playing it many times whenever I took a free time

Samad - Karachi 23 Nov, 2016

Sami Yousuf is the best naat khuwaan I just listen his naats in all of time and I prefer this to all my friends and shared his all new albums with them

Tanveer - Karachi 22 Nov, 2016

Such a power in this naat which make it more able to listen, his presentation make all the naats more beautiful, i also watch him in ramazan.

ahmad - islambad 21 Nov, 2016

Sami Yousuf is the great naat khuwaan I never seen before this type of voice and naats in my whole neat’s career I truly appreciate him.

yousaf - karachi 19 Nov, 2016

Today I listen this naat ’ya allahu ya rehman’ and I also saw its video and this was very beautiful naat and I am very impressed about of this site

nayab - Lahore 19 Nov, 2016

This Naat portal is amazing this page have the really good collection of Naat Poratl so you can easily take you favorite collection form there

Arshad - Karachi 17 Nov, 2016

Sami Yousuf naats made me cry sometimes because his words is so deeper where the person mind cannot easily go salute for her mind that he wrote brilliant naats

Taha - Karachi 15 Nov, 2016

Sami Yousuf naats is worldwide naats every Muslim know about this person that how beautiful he sings the naats clearly and purely

saweera - lahore 15 Nov, 2016

He wrote manybeautiful naats and also sing his naat very clearly and it’s feels like beautiful when I listen his naat in reality and even in audios

Shabbir - Karachi 13 Nov, 2016

In sami yusuf naats have the many hidden word which if anyone can understand that so they listen again and again because his naats is the very beautiful

husna - lahor 10 Nov, 2016

After Junaid Jamshed I just listen him Sami Yousuf he has the beautiful voice and multiple collection of new words which I didn’t listened before

Waheed - Karachi 31 Oct, 2016

yusuf sings a very beautiful naats which I really love to listen and I am also searching the complete album for him

qaiser - canda 27 Oct, 2016

Subhan Allah! I have a large collections of Sami Yusuf but this new kalam 'YA ALLAHU YA RAHMAN' I just listen on this portal. I also like the video of this naat by Sami Yusuf.

bilal - khi 27 Oct, 2016

Sami Yousuf is the best Naat Khuwan I ever seen in my life I have listened many naats of him on this beautiful page which has the good naats collection

Yahya - Karachi 26 Oct, 2016

Sami yousaf is a also a best Naat KHawan . The best thing is Now he is trying to speak More URDU Naats otherwise he spoke in English that is also good . but Urdu naat is understandable for all.

ajmal - lahore 24 Oct, 2016

I love to listen this naat yusuf labib ya allahu ya rehman and i am also learning this naat for my upcoming Milaad in institute

rubina - lahore 20 Oct, 2016

Sami Yousuf is the best Naat Khuwan who has the good voice which people like to listen and now I am going to download his naats

Hassan - Karachi 19 Oct, 2016

I really like this religious page and this is also very efficious for the Muslims because everyone can read own favorite naat on this page

yousaf - lahore 18 Oct, 2016

i love sami yuousf neat....
v 9c

muhammad haris - vehari 03 Jul, 2015

Very nice naats .....
I like to here your naats.......

khadija - Pakistan 01 Mar, 2015