The Audi Q3 in motion

Imran Oct 30, 2013 2424 Views

Category: Science & Tech

This is an amazing video clip of a great car Audi Q3. It is an automobile by Audi AG Germany, which is expected to debut commercially . The five-door coupe crossover is rather aimed at being a lifestyle/sports car, than being a family/off-road car, like its larger Q5 & Q7 siblings. To introduce the Q3, PIXOMONDO asked AIM to visualize one of five scenes of the web special. Must watch this video now.

Watch video of The Audi Q3 in motion submitted by Imran on Oct 30, 2013. This video of The Audi Q3 in motion has total 2424 (two thousand four hundred and twenty-four) Views on The Audi Q3 in motion.


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