I am disappointed that i could not play Semi Final: Razzaq

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i donot know why pakistanis were not supporting abdur razaq when the pakistani team were playing world cup twenty twenty matches,even a single pakistani didnot support him,after losing semi final now we are recalling and shaking our heads that there was a single player who could win for us...our nation is full of double standard people.

Dr.Babar - karachi 11 Oct, 2012

Abdul Razzaq is very good and match winner player, he should be the part of semi final eleven, Hafeez nay apni zati ana ki khatir sirf Abdul Razzaq k sath nahi poori nation k sath na insafi ki hai. Hafeez is not a leader for team me made group in a team. i want to see him out from cricket, All Pakistani nation want to see Abdul Razzaq in Action.

Muhammad Zareen - Karachi 09 Oct, 2012

razzaq is absolutle true he shud be in the team hafeez na ziadti ki ha we r wd razzaq god bles him chair main pcb should take action on it pl........

asghar nadeem - lahore 08 Oct, 2012

Abdul Razzaq is very talented players of Pakistan team,He is much better then Hafeez and Imran Nazir in all form of Cricket, His Test Average is 38 and ODI 27 in ten years, he can play only a bowler, a player whos average is below 30, he cant open any form of cricket.Razzaq did a great job through his career.

Muhammad Rasool - Karachi 08 Oct, 2012

Yes he is right becuse there was no place of Imran Nazir and Yasir Arafat... I could not understand why Hafiz has given chance to Imran Nazir...............

Naeemullah - Jeddah 08 Oct, 2012