Motorless Water Lifting Pump

Azhar Zaidi May 13, 2009 4881 Views

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Dear Sir

We have a very simple solution for drinking water in the villages. We have developed a motorless pump which works with the inertia of flowing water and does not require any electricity or electric motor. Due to its optimum design is has just two moving parts and hence maintenance free. The total life of the pump is approximately 30 years. Once it starts it does not stop till either the water recedes or the rubber parts gets damaged in the process. It ideal for streams, nullahs and rivers where ample water is available through out the year.

It has the capability to lift 7 to 10 times of the fall i.e. if fall is 1 foot it shall lift 7 to 10 feet. the capacity pumping is 300 gls to 2200 gls in 24 hours.

This pump is best suited for lifting safe drinking water for humans, livestock and drip irrigation.

We hope the video gives you a fair idea of this pump. We can also arrange a demonstration.

We can provide a number of these pumps on emergency basis on very short notice say 15 days.

Best Regards

Azhar Zaidi

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We Won't Give It Back

By Ghulam Murtaza On 12 Jun, 2009 form Narowal

This is of course useful website for entertainment and knowledge sharing/gaining. Ghualm Murtaza

We Won't Give It Back

By Mian Fayyaz Masood On 31 May, 2009 form Pakpattan

Plz send me ur contact number. I have to install this pump and wants to discuss some points. Thanks