Aalmi Mushaira

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Wasi ShahPoetry is truely loved by urdu readers all over the world. Wasi Shah has wrote so many poetry books, some of them are Mere Ho Ke Raho and Mujhe Sandal Kardo.

hasan - france 11 Jan, 2017

These are the very beautiful poetries of the wasi shah and I really like to read that because in his poetries has many hidden words which I really like to read that

bisma - thatta 07 Jan, 2017

This is the great page which has the great collection of the poetries by many famous and local poets I can easily get the best poetries from this page and then can share it with friends

Akhter - Karachi 06 Jan, 2017

This page has the best collection for the users who like to listening Naats and poetries this page is absolutely good for them

Ahmed - Karachi 22 Dec, 2016

I don’t know much about wasi shah poetry but I am inspired to see that there is a large list of poetry by wasi shah poet.

amjad - nawabshah 21 Dec, 2016

There are many more poetries available of the Wasi Shah which is truly amazing i watched both of videos and I hope you will also like that

Kabeer - Karachi 21 Dec, 2016

Poetry Mushairah is for the starting of Naat s I prefer to my friend that he will start his naat for this Poetry Mushairah it will looks greater than others because no one did this

Aslam - Karachi 20 Dec, 2016

Before I don’t like the poetry of every type but today when I listen this poetry of wasi shah poetry so I really like that his wording and the way of define his feelings

uzair - karachi 17 Dec, 2016

Wasi Shah is a Great Urdu Poet from Punjab Pakistan.he write many poetry in several languages including hindi urdu Punjabi etc

fareeha - cape town 16 Dec, 2016

On this site available many poetries are available usually I read that when I want to read the beautiful poetries because there are many collection which I need

shabber - pindi 16 Dec, 2016

Wasi Shah is counted as one of the reputable and leading well known Pakistani Urdu poet, dramatist, columnist, writer, and anchor in addition to occasional actor.

ayesha - rehmatabad 14 Dec, 2016

Wasi shah is the very popular poet and many properties are very nice of him who has his own wording that’s why those are really heart touching

navira - karachi 13 Dec, 2016

This poetry don’t have the too old collection of Wasi Shah Poetries i have a book by my teacher where I have the all amazing old poetries by Wasi SHah

Amjad - Karachi 12 Dec, 2016

This is the very nice page to listen the naats what you want and every famous naat khwaan naats are available in it

aisha - lahore 09 Dec, 2016

I Really liked his poetry.man is incomplete without love but love partner must be sincere.his poetry is so realistic and good..

jameel - peshawar 09 Dec, 2016

Usually I read the poetries by this site because there are mine all favorite poetries are available which I want and I prefer this site to all

alfia - karachi 07 Dec, 2016

This page of poetry by Wasi Shah is very helpful for me because it gives me the best collection of Wasi Shah Poetries at the same page

Jawwad - Karachi 07 Dec, 2016

This page is truly awesome only there I can easily get the best poetry collection of many famous poet in this Urdu poetry world

Sahkir - Karachi 06 Dec, 2016

Wasi shah wrote many poetries and many teachers told us his poetries that his poetries called respectable poetries in Urdu

zaroon - karachi 05 Dec, 2016

This is the very nice poetry of wasi shah ‘aalim mishaira’ in this wording hidden many beautiful and also heart touching feelings

faima - pindi 05 Dec, 2016

HamariWeb brings us a huge database of wasi shah poetry that can be accessed online with ease. 

zartasha - turkey 01 Dec, 2016

The best page for getting the poetries which is suitable on now a days conditions and also there are many religious poetries for you

Sameed - Karachi 01 Dec, 2016

Aalmi Mushaira is the really best way to make your mood fine it will give you foreign type of happiness which you never could anywhere

Sarmad - Karachi 29 Nov, 2016

These are the very beautiful poetries of the wasi shah and I really like to read that because in his poetries has many hidden words which I really like to read that

fesal - quita 28 Nov, 2016

Today I saw this site which gives us the latest naats of every naat khwan and they all are very beautiful so I follow this site now

afiha - lahore 27 Nov, 2016

I collect his some amazing poetries on the session of love which is truly amazing and I hope that my friends will like it when I share his poetries to them

Ali - Kaarchi 27 Nov, 2016

I never read the poetries of was shah because I don’t like to read that but today I read his poetries and this is really good for the poetries lovers

narmeen - lahore 25 Nov, 2016

I am a Urdu teacher in my class and I used to read poetries by Wasi Shah in my class whenever I started any lesson because my students love to listen it

Tasleem - Karachi 24 Nov, 2016

Wasi Shah wrote good poetry which has the reasonable lessons for life and for many things that’s why I gave importance to his poetries

Jamal - Karachi 23 Nov, 2016

I thought that every person try to read and listen Wasi Shah poetry for knowing the things deeply what’s happen in our life now a days he only wrote the reasonable things

Asghar - Karachi 22 Nov, 2016

I am very eager to read stories and poetries, when I am free I just spend my time to find the collections of Mushaira. I love this site where I get Wasi Shah poetry Mushaira.

Shazia - khi 21 Nov, 2016

Wasi Shah is my favorite poet in this poetry world I use to listen his poetries at the same time when I read novels related to Wasi Shah poetry

Qasim - Karachi 20 Nov, 2016

My father is a big fan of Wasi Shah, actually he love to watch Mushaira Mehfil. Last time he watched this Mushaira Mehfil by Wasi Shah and listen his various different kalam.

Sheraz - khi 17 Nov, 2016

Every poetry of wasi shah is the very good poet his many poetry has the beautiful words and this is the very beautiful aalmi mushaira

saqib - johar town 16 Nov, 2016

Now a days wasi shah have a great name in beautiful poetries I’ve seen many people before a day as well who listen and talk about his poetries

faraz - dehli 16 Nov, 2016

Wasi Shah wrote the huge stories in his poetries there are looking only some words in his poetries but there is a long story in his every one word

Areeb - Karachi 14 Nov, 2016

Wasi Shah poetries are so beautiful in market I have seen his poetries on many magazines and many in many novels and he deserves a big respect

Owais - Karachi 13 Nov, 2016

Now a days Wasi Shah have a great name in beautiful poetries I’ve seen many people before a day as well who listen and talk about his poetries

Azima - Karachi 18 Feb, 2016

There isn’t available a famous poetries of wasi shah please trying to upload famous poetry videos of wasi shah

Alamdad - Karachi 17 Feb, 2016