Kamli Walay Da Nagar Wasda - Yousuf Memon Naat

Added by saima30 on Jul 03, 2013 18509 Views


The performance and the presentation by yusuf memon is such a unique that is why i like it, his voice is not some special but due to the style i really love him.

huda - khi 14 Dec, 2014

Insha Allah, in the upcoming Rabbi-Ul-Awwal i will definitely give the invitation for Yusuf Memon to come at my home in the Mehfil-e-Naat. He is a very nice naat khuwan.

ayesha - khi 10 Dec, 2014

He is very cute person and his personality is also nice to recite the naat with sweet poetry. Yusuf bhai is my most favorite naat khuwan and this kalaam by him is also awesome.

abbas - khi 20 Nov, 2014

I am a big fan of yusuf mehmon, his voice is excellent as well the action of reciting naat is awesome that is why i really like his voice and collects many naats in the whole album.

sohaib - khi 04 Nov, 2014

Subhan Allah, i like the passion in the voice of yusuf bhai in which he recite the naat, this style is your own and very sweet.

safdar - hydrabad 29 Oct, 2014

Daikho Aya Madina is also a famous naat by yusuf Memon but this naat is my favorite naat. He is a very popular due his unique style.

salman - khi 24 Oct, 2014